Mickey Mouse R-Rated Horror Movie Just Announced

Mickey Mouse's Midnight Massacre is Disney's newest R-rated horror movie

Mickey Mouse is by far the most famous Disney character. In fact, one of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes is, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it all started with a mouse.” One may argue that Disney is losing sight of Mickey Mouse, however, they are bringing him back, but in a strange way. A new Mickey Mouse R-rated horror movie was just announced.

Mickey Mouse's Midnight Massacre is Disney's newest R-rated horror movie
Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre is Disney’s newest R-rated horror movie

Earlier this year we reported here on Disney replacing Mickey with Figment as the official Disney mascot. This came as a surprise and disappointment for so many people. This announcement truly shocked the world. In fact, Disney is at it again with another wild announcement. This time, Mickey Mouse is set to star in a new R-rated horror movie.

Disney Creating R-rated Horror Movie

Disney is known for family-friendly horror movies and rides. For example, Haunted Mansion is a great ride for families. It’s a good balance of scary and fun. Of course, Disney followed it up with the Haunted Mansion movie. This was another step into the horror genre for Disney, but by many accounts was a bit of a letdown. 

Concept art from the new Mickey Mouse R-rated horror movie
Concept art from the new Mickey Mouse R-rated horror movie

Of course, Disney also has other horror films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Toy Story of Terror. However, these are all family movies. Well, Disney is going full steam ahead with an R-rated horror movie. The horror movie genre continues to grow each year. In fact, these movies are more popular now than ever. Disney sees this as the perfect opportunity to jump into the horror market with one of their most loved characters.

Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre will be a live-action R-rated horror movie. It will be filmed partially inside the Disney World theme parks. They will also use a lot of CGI to make this truly a spectacular film. It will have a lot of similarities to the new Purge Movie that is being filmed inside Disney World as well, which we reported on here.

Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre Plot

Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre will be the first R-rated Disney horror movie ever made, set to release in October 2024. In this new movie, Mickey Mouse is put under an evil spell by “The Creator”. Under the spell, he sets out to destroy Disney World and all of the characters inside the parks. Meanwhile, his friends are doing what they can to stop this evil spell and save Disney World and Mickey from the curse.

Concept art of Walt Disney in the new Mickey Mouse horror movie
Concept art of Walt Disney in the new Mickey Mouse horror movie

Throughout the movie, Mickey sadly murders some of his friends including Goofy and even his sweetheart Minnie. He also ends up destroying Cinderella Castle as well as many of the attractions, like Space Mountain and even the Jungle Cruise. The Creator uses Mickey as a ploy to take over the parks and regain control of what he feels he lost. They use Mickey as a pawn to turn on his friends and his home in order to take it over.

Now for the spoiler. At the end of the movie, Mickey’s remaining friends find The Creator in the apartment above the Firehouse on Main Street USA. It turns out The Creator is actually Walt Disney. Walt returned from the dead and was not happy with the state of Disney World and felt that Imagineers ruined his vision. He used Mickey Mouse to destroy what he felt was a disgrace of a theme park.

What do you think of Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre, the new R-rated Disney horror movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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