MrBeast Will Rent Out Disney World for Epic New Video

MrBeast renting magic kingdom for hide and seek game

MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTube creators of all time. He creates high-production YouTube videos that are very engaging. For example, MrBeast rented out an NFL stadium for a giant game of hide and seek and gave away $1,000,000! Now, MrBeast will Rent out Disney World for his next big video.

MrBeast renting magic kingdom for hide and seek game
MrBeast renting out Magic Kingdom for giant hide and seek game with amazing prizes!

We recently reported here that Disney will allow people to rent out the Disney World Parks for a day. We recommend you read the article for full context. However, here is a quick summary. It will cost between $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 to rent out a Disney World park for the day. The cost fluctuates based on how busy the parks are as well as which park you rent out. This is an incredible experience… if you have the money. 

Renting out Disney World for the day opens the door to unique opportunities. MrBeast sees this as an excellent opportunity for a new viral video. The combination of his massive popularity on YouTube, as well as the popularity of Disney World, is the perfect equation for virality. MrBeast understands how popular Disney is and realizes this will likely be a top-performing video for him.

What will the Disney World MrBeast video be about? 

MrBeast will rent out and take over Magic Kingdom for a day and give out fabulous prizes. However, we will talk about the prizes shortly. He will invite 100 participants for this video and play a giant Hide and Seek game inside the Magic Kingdom park. The last person found will win the top prize. This is similar to the MrBeast hide and seek video mentioned above that took place in SoFi Stadium. He rented out the entire stadium for this video.

MrBeast renting out disney world for giant hide and seek game inside magic kingdom
MrBeast rented out an NFL stadium for hide and seek, now renting Disney World. Photo via MrBeast YouTube

Here’s what we know about MrBeast’s Disney World Hide and Seek video. MrBeast will open up the front gates to the Magic Kingdom for the contestants. He will give them 100 seconds to find a hiding spot. The contestants can move around during this giant game of hide and seek. However, they risk MrBeast finding them if they do this. They can hide anywhere in the park, as long as it isn’t backstage. 

Contestants can hide in ride vehicles, bushes, restaurants, shops, and so on. Backstage areas includes the utilidors, outside of the main park area, and even parts of rides. For example, someone can’t hide below the Space Mountain Track or behind Br’er Rabbit at the top of Splash Mountain. All hiding spots must be in places accessible by all guests.

What is the prize for MrBeast’s Magic Kingdom hide and seek game? 

MrBeast will give away $100,000 and a lifetime pass to Disney World to the winner of his Disney hide and seek game! We recently reported on the new Disney World lifetime pass here. A lifetime pass to Disney World is a dream come true for any Disney fan. MrBeast will also give away prizes to the subsequent ten runners-up. However, they will only win a one-year Disney World annual pass.

MrBeast will give out lifetime pass to winner of Magic Kingdom Hide and Seek.
MrBeast will give out lifetime pass to winner of Magic Kingdom Hide and Seek. Photo via

If you can’t afford a lifetime pass for Disney World or aren’t lucky enough to win one in your Mickey Ice Cream Bar, cross your fingers that you are picked for MrBeast’s new video. Unfortunately, we do not have details on how to be chosen for MrBeast’s Magic Kingdom hide and seek game. However, sometimes he chooses video subscribers to be in his videos. We recommend you subscribe to him, in case that’s how he selects who gets to compete for a Disney World lifetime pass.

Hide and seek in Disney World sounds amazing! In fact, we have already hit subscribe on his channel in hopes we get chosen. So, where would you hide in the Magic Kingdom to win this fantastic prize? Let us know the best Magic Kingdom hiding space in the comments below!

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