October 1st Officially Named National Walt Disney World Day

National Walt Disney World Day

Each year that passes, more national holidays get added to the calendar. Did you know there is a National Clean Your Desk Day? How about National Measure Your Feet Day? Why are these national holidays and who created them? Prior to today, Disney had one national holiday, but they now have a second national holiday!

National Disney Day falls on the first Monday of December. According to NationalToday.com, “We celebrate Walt Disney Day in remembrance of the legendary Walter Elias Disney and the magic he brought to our world.” This is a great National Holiday to celebrate the man who made the world a more magical place. The focus of the day is to celebrate Walt himself and all of the amazing things he accomplished.

October 1st 2022 is officially Walt disney world day
National Walt Disney World Day Debuts on October 1, 2022. Photo via Disney

Today, October 1st, 2022, is the start of a brand new Disney holiday, National Walt Disney World Day. For those who don’t understand the significance of October 1st, Disney World opened on October 1st, 1971. In fact, Disney just celebrated their 50th anniversary a year ago, today. However, they are continuing the 50th celebration for another 6 months to capitalize on consumers who will buy as much 50th merchandise as possible.

Disney announced today that it would officially be National Walt Disney World Day. While making the day a national holiday doesn’t really mean anything, it does give Disney another PR moment to capitalize on and remain in the spotlight. Disney said in a statement, “Celebrate National Walt Disney World Day no matter where you are in the World! If you are at our world class resort or at home, find a way to make it magical and full of Pixie Dust.”

October 1st is officially National Walt Disney World Day
Celebrating National Disney World Day with a Splash Mountain Cake

I guess it is time to bake a Disney World cake, listen to some Disney World music, and wear a Disney World shirt. Happy National Walt Disney World Day to all of you! May it be full of magic and fun. How are you celebrating this brand new Disney World holiday?

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