Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar Coming to Disney World

Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar

The pumpkin spice craze seems to get crazier every year. What started out as a few fall flavors to mix up menus at restaurants, has turned into a competition who can create the craziest pumpkin spice food. Disney World is trying to cash in on the pumpkin spice madness with a brand new Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

Starting on October 1st, Disney will start selling Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream bars. This is not the first time Disney has dabbled in the pumpkin spice realm. Back in 2020, Disney launched Pumpkin Spice Mickey Waffle Sundaes. The waffles are pumpkin spice flavored and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But wait, there’s more!

Disney sells pumpkin spice mickey ice cream bar, new in october 2022
First look at Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Disney has also served pumpkin spice sundaes and pumpkin spice shakes in Tomorrowland at Auntie Gravitiy’s. Over in Disneyland, they just launched Pumpkin Spice Churros. So now the burning question, what is a Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar and when does it debut?

The Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar will be pumpkin spice flavored ice cream covered in a pumpkin spice shell, in the shape of a mickey head of course. This Mickey Bar will be pure pumpkin. This premium pumpkin ice cream bar will be sold across Walt Disney World property this fall. It will debut on October 1st and will be available through November 30th, while supplies last.

Disney launches Mickey Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar
Pumpkin Spice Mickey Waffles. Photo via DisneyFoodBlog.com

This is a very limited time run for a pumpkin item, considering the Pumpkin Spice Churro debuted back in the beginning of September. Disney has decided to make this ice cream bar exclusive and only available for two months. A Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar will cost $8.25. This is a significant jump from the original Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar, which is $6.25.

We expect this to be a very hot seller this fall for Disney and wouldn’t be surprised if they were sold out before the end of November. However, the price is a bit steep for an ice cream bar. What do you think? Will you buy a Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar?

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