Rent Out Disney World for a Full Day

Rent out disney world parks for a full day coming soon

Imagine not waiting in a single line at Disney World. Imagine not having to avoid strollers, which are known to kill. Imagine having Disney World to yourself and some friends for a day. This is a dream come true for so many and will soon be possible.

Rent out disney world parks for a full day coming soon
You can soon rent out Disney World for a full day! Photo via Brendan Bowen Flickr

If you have ever dreamed of renting out a Disney World theme park for the day, you now can, but it comes at a cost. Historically, Disney has allowed companies as well as individuals with deep pockets to rent out Disney World parks for a few hours after the park closes. That’s the catch. It’s after the Disney parks close to the general public, only allowing you and your group a few hours in the park for a private event.

Renting out a Disney park for a few hours after it closes will run you $180,000. This gives you about 4 hours to play around in a mostly empty Disney park. If you are a large company and rent it out for 5,000 employees, that’s only $36 per person to have the park for 4 hours, which not a bad deal at all. In fact, it’s way less than a one day park ticket cost, which is in the $200 range.

Disney World can be rented out soon for a private party for the full day
Imagine having Disney World to yourself! Photo via

Here is where it gets exciting. In 2023, Disney will allow people to rent out the Disney World parks for a full day as a private event! So, how much does it cost to rent out Disney World for the day? The cost to do this will run in the $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 range to rent out a Disney World park, depending on the park as well as the time of the year.

Disney is all about price discrimination. We have recently seen this with Disney charging different amounts per park. For example, Animal Kingdom is the least expensive park for a one day ticket while Magic Kingdom is the most expensive. This has to do with consumer demand as well as operating hours and number of rides at each park.

The $2,000,000 rental would likely be for Animal Kingdom at a non busy time of year while the $5,000,000 would be the rate to rent Magic Kingdom for a full day during peak season. There will of course be restrictions and limitations to when people can rent Disney World parks out. Disney doesn’t want Magic Kingdom rented out on Christmas or New Years Eve for example because they are the two busiest days of the year for the park.

Enjoy Disney World rides to yourself when you rent out the park for a private event

Let’s dig into the math quickly. If you rent out a Disney World park for the day at $4,000,000 for 5,000 people, that is a cost of $800 per person, that is crazy! But if you scramble together 20,000 people, that is only $200 per person, which is roughly the cost of a one day ticket. It’s expensive, but at the same time, the park will only have 20,000 people in it all day long, which is really convenient.

Renting out a Disney World park isn’t supposed to be a good deal. As you can imagine, when Disney rents out a park for the full day, this causes many issues. First, they lose all of the revenue from the guests that would be going there. That is revenue from park tickets, food, merchandise, and any other miscellaneous sales.

Disney also has some logistical nightmares for renting out a park for the full day. First off, guests visit Disney World with the assumption that all of the parks will be open during the day. A closed park for a private event will certainly upset many Disney fans. This will also significantly increase the crowds as well as wait times in the other Disney parks since one full park will be unavailable.

Rent out disney world for a full day private party

We certainly won’t be renting out a Disney World park for the day, however, this is an awesome opportunity if you have the money. What do you think of Disney allowing people to rent out a park for the full day? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 months ago

No Way! As a person that cant afford $5,000,000. to rent a Disney Park for a day, I say NO….dont do it Disney!


If I had $5,000,000. I might say yes, great idea.

Daniel M Roth
Daniel M Roth
4 months ago

What is really needed is a bit more competition in the park business.