Rewards Program Coming to Disney Resorts

Disney Resorts Rewards program coming soon

Have you spent so much money at Disney resorts that you lost track? Do you wish you were rewarded for all of those nights that you spent on Disney property?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, you are in luck! Disney has just announced a rewards program for their hotels. The program is called Mouse Rewards. With this rewards program in place, guests will be awarded points for each night they spend on Walt Disney World property.

Points will be earned based on dollars spent rather than total nights. There are also different membership levels of rewards. The more you spend, the higher your Mouse Rewards membership level is. For the base level, $1 spent is equal to 10 points. The top level, $1 spent is equal to 15 points.

Disney resorts adding a rewards program
Disney Resort Rewards Breakdown

There are also different benefits based on the levels. Those include things like early check in, late checkout, preferred and sometimes free upgrades, free food/drinks, and more. Points themselves can be redeemed for free nights at Disney resorts. Of course the amount of points required for a night varies by hotel and time of year.

This allows guests who spend more money on property to earn greater benefits. For example a room at the contemporary will earn a guest far more points than a room at The All Star Sports. This is similar to many other hotel rewards programs.

Disney's beach club part of disney resort rewards
Disney’s Beach Club. Photo via

So many guests have wanted this rewards program for so long and now it’s finally coming true. Think about how much you have spent on Disney resorts in the past and how many points that would be worth. This is completely separate from the Disney Vacation Club and is something anyone can enroll in.

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