Selfie Ban Effective Immediately at Disney World

Taking selfies at Disney World is a national pastime. In fact, the majority of photos on the phones of Disney fans are selfies at Disney World. People understand they need photo proof that they did in fact go to Disney World, so people on social media can scroll past it and not care. However, there is now a selfie ban in place at Disney World and the reason may shock you.

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Disney officially bans selfies inside their theme parks, effective immediately

Back in 2015, Disney implemented a selfie stick ban. This was when selfie sticks were the hottest new product. Everyone was getting a brand new iPhone and taking selfies of everything they do. This includes going to concerts, in school, and even on the toilet. However, Disney wanted no part of these selfie sticks in their parks. They are extremely dangerous on rides, so they banned them. Now, 8 years later, normal selfies are being banned at Disney World.

Why is Disney World Banning Selfies?

The decision to ban selfies at Disney World stems from great safety concerns. As we have noted before, safety is Disney’s number two priority, behind profit. Despite this, there has been a rise in injuries at Disney World. This includes the man who lost his hands on Space Mountain. Also the ECV accident we reported here. Disney is tired of being featured on our website because of injuries, which is leading to the Disney World selfie ban. 

Selfie ban is effective immediately at Disney World
The selfie ban is effective immediately at Disney World

In 2022, there were over 500 selfie-related injuries at Disney World. While most of these are small bruises, they can be severe. In fact, people die every year taking selfies. Usually, these stem from risky activities and undertakings. One man almost died taking a selfie at Animal Kingdom last year. He tried taking a selfie on Expedition Everest, however, he dropped his phone and it hit him in the face. He suffered serious internal bleeding and almost died in the hospital. This is the danger of taking selfies.

Disney is clearly tired of people getting injured from selfies inside their theme parks. Not only is the selfie taker at risk but so are other guests. A chunk of the selfie injuries were bystanders who “got in the way” of people taking selfies. They clearly are taking a toll on Disney guests and this is forcing Disney to take an unpopular stance and ban selfies outright inside their theme parks.

Will I Get Kicked Out of Disney for Taking a Selfie?

The unfortunate answer to this question is yes. If a Disney World cast member sees you taking a selfie, you can be kicked out of the park. This will be up to the discretion of the employee that sees it happen. However, according to updated park rules, guests are to be kicked out of the park if they are seen taking a selfie. This does not mean you will be banned from Disney. However, if Disney thinks you are creating a significant safety hazard, they may outright ban you from their parks permanently.

You can now get kicked out of Disney for taking selfies
You can now get kicked out of Disney for taking selfies. Photo via

The decision to ban selfies inside Disney World parks was not taken lightly. Disney wants their guests to have a magical experience. However, safety is always something they factor in. Unless it involves removing seat belts on the Tower of Terror. However, putting that wild decision aside, safety is important to Disney. 

If you want to reduce your risk of getting kicked out of Disney World, don’t take selfies! It’s an extremely risky activity that is not worth doing. Another guest can always take your picture so you can post it on social media or never look at it again on your phone. What will Disney influencers do?!

What do you think of Disney banning selfies inside their parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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