Sharknado 7 Being Filmed Inside Disney World

Sharknado 7 will take place mostly at Disney World, where filming is happening now

Hold onto your Mickey ears and brace yourselves for the wildest storm yet. Sharknado 7 is blowing its way into Disney World. Get ready to witness the epic fusion of thrill and fantasy as Disney takes on the challenge of filming scenes for the iconic Sharknado franchise inside their parks. That’s right, film crews were just spotted filming Sharknado 7 inside Disney World.

Film crews seen inside Disney World, filming Sharknado 7
Film crews seen inside Disney World, filming Sharknado 7

Yesterday and today, film crews were spotted inside Magic Kingdom and EPCOT filming the newest Sharknado movie. As you may recall, Sharknado 3 made waves by choosing Universal Studios as a filming location. This gave Universal a fantastic PR boost. Now, Disney is about to ride the tidal wave of publicity with Sharknado 7. In fact, scenes will be shot in every corner of Disney World. However, this isn’t the first major film to be based in Disney World. We recently reported here on The Purge being filmed in Disney World. Also, the Friends reboot will be shot at Disney World.

Disney Acquires Rights to Sharknado

You might wonder how Disney managed to get the rights to this blockbuster sequel. Well, rumor has it that the stars aligned in Disney’s favor. The creators of Sharknado saw the massive success of Disney+ and its huge subscriber base. They wanted to captivate even more viewers and capitalize on the fandom. Because of that, they couldn’t resist striking a deal with the entertainment giant! It was a match made in showbiz heaven!

Sharknado 3 had scenes in Universal Studios. Sharknado 7 coming to Disney
Sharknado 3 had scenes in Universal Studios. Sharknado 7 coming to Disney. Photo via Sharknado 3

For those who thought the sharks were gone forever after the final Sharknado in 2018, Disney is here to change that. The popularity of the franchise refuses to die down. In fact, fans across the globe demand more Sharknado. And Disney, being the master of dreams and imagination, knew just how to heed the call of their passionate audience! Now, here’s where the real magic unfolds. Sharknado 7 is set to weave its spellbinding tale across not only Disney World but also various locations across the United States! 

From the enchanting Magic Kingdom to the adventurous Animal Kingdom, the ferocious Sharknado will wreak havoc, turning Disney’s picture-perfect landscapes into thrilling battlegrounds. Can you imagine the spine-tingling excitement of spotting a shark swirling down Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? Or perhaps great whites flying through the rivers of the Jungle Cruise? Get ready to have your adrenaline pumping as you experience the most unexpected and unforgettable ride of your life.

Filming Sharknado 7 Inside Disney World

As we noted above, film crews have been actively filming the newest Sharknado inside Disney World parks. This started as an unknown project, but people quickly had hunches on what movie was being filmed after seeing Ian Ziering and Tara Reid on property. In fact, we were able to confirm with an internal source that the filming is for Sharknado 7. Up until now, this project had been kept secret, but we are here to bring this great information to the world.

Sharknado 7 will take place mostly at Disney World, where filming is happening now
Sharknado 7 will take place mostly at Disney World, where filming is happening now. Shark photo via Sharknado 2

Of course, with filming at Disney, safety is important. Disney ensures that all visitors will be protected throughout the filming process. Measures are in place to ensure everyone’s well-being while allowing movie magic to happen inside Disney World. In fact, Disney will be closing attractions and sections of the parks over the next few weeks because of this filming. However, they are doing their best to manage the process in order to not impact the guest experience too much.

The combination of Sharknado’s quirky humor and Disney’s timeless wonder is bound to create a cinematic masterpiece that will leave audiences spellbound. In fact, the thought of Disney characters teaming up with Fin Shepard to battle airborne sharks is creating a huge buzz! So, mark your calendars and prepare for a movie spectacle unlike any other. Sharknado 7 at Disney World promises to be an epic clash between two worlds! With its unique blend of fantasy and mayhem, this thrilling saga will leave audiences on the edge of their seats, yearning for more!

What do you think of a new Sharknado being filmed at Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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