Source Confirms Disney Using AI to Write Movies

Disney using AI to write their movies has hurt their business

What was the last good movie Disney released? The objective answer to that question is Encanto. What people forget is Encanto was released nearly two years ago at the end of 2021. Since Encanto, every Disney movie released has been a flop. It got us wondering why the past handful of Disney movies have all been so bad. Well, an internal source just confirmed to us that the Walt Disney Company is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write their movies.

Internal source confirms that Disney is using AI to write their bad movies
An internal source confirms that Disney is using AI to write their bad movies

There has been an exponential increase in people using AI in the past two years. ChatGPT became one of the most popular AI programs. People use it for a variety of things like writing new articles, doing homework, and even getting dinner ideas. The possibilities are endless with AI. In fact, the Walt Disney Company is using AI to write their movies, but it’s having a huge negative impact on their movie business.  

Disney’s Struggle at The Box Office

For Disney, 2022 was a struggle at the box office for their new films and so far, so is 2023. Let’s look at what Disney released in that year and a half. Turning Red, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Lightyear, Pinocchio, Hocus Pocus 2, Strange World, Peter Pan & Wendy, The Little Mermaid, Elemental, and The Haunted Mansion. How many of these films were memorable on this list of 10 movies? Zero of them. None of these movies performed well in the box office and Disney is in trouble.

Disney is struggling in the box office due to AI written movies
Disney is struggling at the box office due to AI-written movies

Disney continues to struggle at the box office with their movie releases. It’s not like the years in the past when they release a top movie. For example, from 2013-2019, Disney released some of their highest-grossing films ever. This includes Frozen II, Frozen, Zootopia, Moana, Big Hero 6, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and more. These are all classic films, and some have attractions at Disney World parks. These were strong years for Disney, but now they are in a huge lull.

Many are blaming “wokeness” as the reason for these flops. This certainly seems to be playing a role. We know Disney continues to make progressive moves with their movies. For example, choosing a bald actress to play Rapunzel in the new live-action Tangled movie. However, putting that aside, these movies just aren’t interesting or well-written. This is where the use of Artificial Intelligence is coming into play.

Confirmed: Disney Using AI to Make Bad Movies

After seeing fail after fail, we were wondering what was going wrong with Disney movies. After further investigation, an internal source confirmed that since January 1st, 2022, Disney has been using AI to write movie scripts. Essentially, all Disney movies that came out in 2022 and 2023 were written primarily using Artificial Intelligence. In fact, according to our source, all movies through 2024 are being written with AI.

Disney using AI to write their movies has hurt their business
Disney using AI to write their movies has hurt their business

This is truly an amazing revelation and explains so much. According to our source, Disney is reverting to AI to write movie scripts for two reasons. First, it’s far less expensive to have AI write movie scripts than to hire a ton of professional movie writers. Also, there is the writer’s strike going on, which works in Disney’s favor. The other side of the coin is Disney believes AI can write better and more engaging stories. AI is able to study everything on the internet and create whimsical movies. They believe that technology can write better movies than professionals.

Clearly, Disney is in trouble. The AI may be saving money, but the movies aren’t making money. They are struggling to make hit movies, likely because of the creative limitations of AI. The movies created by Artificial Intelligence are not nearly as compelling as past Disney movies. This is truly a swing and a miss by Disney. However, they are hoping that one of their upcoming AI-written movies will succeed and prove that AI can write good Disney movies.

What do you think of Disney using AI to write movie scripts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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