Sunday Morning Mass Coming to Magic Kingdom

MMickey Mouse will be the Pastor for the Magic Kingdom Mass

If we know one thing about Disney, they are all about giving guests awesome experiences. For example, The Line, an attraction that is literally just standing in a line. Also, the tasting experience coming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. However, now Disney is breaking into the religious scene with the new Sunday Morning Mass coming to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Mickey Mouse will be the Pastor of the Magic Kingdom Sunday Masses
Mickey Mouse will be the Pastor of the Magic Kingdom Sunday Masses

This isn’t the first time Disney has dabbled in religion. For example, earlier this year we reported here on the Mickey Mouse Worship Center. This is a way to worship Mickey and Disney. However, this isn’t religious in the sense of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism. This is Disney’s own religion. However, now Disney is breaking into Christianity with the new Sunday morning masses at the Magic Kingdom.

What Are Disney’s Sunday Morning Masses?

Disney’s Sunday morning masses are where guests can gather inside the Magic Kingdom before the park opens for a Christian mass. The masses will be a nondenominational Christian mass. These of course are the mega churches taking over the United States. Instead of being tied to a specific denomination, people join the nondenominational churches, which tend to have fewer restrictions and guidelines than Catholicism for example.

Sunday morning mass will take place in front of Cinderella Castle
Sunday morning mass will take place in front of Cinderella Castle. Photo via Disney

These Disney World masses will be led by Mickey Mouse as the Pastor. That’s right, Mickey is considered a certified Pastor and will be the one leading the masses. This is done as a way to closely marry the Disney theme parks and Christianity. Disney feels that Mickey Mouse leading the mass will be far more impactful, inspirational, and give guests a more magical experience. Critics don’t believe that Mickey Mouse should be a Pastor, however, according to Disney, Mickey is officially approved as a Pastor.

As we mentioned, the Sunday morning masses will take place before the Magic Kingdom opens. You do need a valid theme park ticket to attend. They will start an hour and a half before the park opens. Mickey will preach from the stage and attendees will sit in the Main Street hub. Most days this will be at 6:00 AM since there is Early Entry starting at 8:30. This is certainly an early mass, however, this is the only time Disney can reasonably host it. This gives them time to finish mass, clear the chairs, and get the park ready for its opening for the day.

Magic Kingdom Sunday Morning Mass Controversy

As expected, there is a significant amount of controversy around the Sunday Morning Masses coming to the Magic Kingdom. In fact, anytime religion is discussed, people become defensive and aggressive, which is what we are seeing. This comes as no surprise. In fact, when we reported here that Disney is removing The Bible from all hotels and replacing it with Green Eggs and Ham, people lost their minds on both sides. This is no exception.

Disney removes The Bible from their resorts but adds a Christian mass before Magic Kingdom opens
Disney removes The Bible from their resorts but adds a Christian mass before Magic Kingdom opens

Supporters of this think that it’s great that Disney is promoting Christianity in their parks. They think it’s important that it’s being recognized in a country where religion is on the decline. These supporters see a lot of things wrong with this world, primarily due to the decline in organized religion. This could be a great way to get people back to following God. However, there are plenty of people who are furious that Disney is adding religion to their parks.

Those opposed to this have a few arguments against it. First off, they claim that Disney is a public place and that religion should have no home there. These people also want Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to be banned. Others argue that Disney should have other religious ceremonies for those who aren’t Christian, like Hindus and Muslims for example. They see it as unjust that Disney is only focusing on Christianity, the majority faith of the US. Despite this, Disney seems to be moving ahead with hosting a nondenominational mass on Sunday Mornings inside the Magic Kingdom.

What do you think of Sunday morning masses coming to Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!  

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