Taylor Swift Eras Ride Coming to Disney World

New Taylor Swift ride coming to Disney World

Taylor Swift is the most searched person in the world right now. She was always popular, but her popularity continues to grow as her relationship with Travis Kelce unfolds. She has one of the most devout fan bases of all time. Because of this, Disney has just announced a Taylor Swift Eras Ride coming to Hollywood Studios.

New Taylor Swift ride coming to Disney World
A new Taylor Swift ride coming to Disney World. Photo via lilyaldridge

For those playing along at home, Taylor Swift has sold 114 million album units. If you are wondering, that’s a lot. In fact, she continues to grow each day. With each new album released, she gains more fans and creates a stronger connection with her already existing fans. Taylor Swift has become a brand, which is why a new Taylor Swift Eras ride is coming to Disney World.

Taylor Swift is Coming to Disney World

Disney used to be known for creating rides that didn’t have any intellectual property tied to them. They would build brand new rides with new stories to tell through the attraction. Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise are good examples. They have become well-known Disney rides, but not based on an existing story. It was just announced that Disney’s newest ride will be another IP slap, this time with Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Disney World Concert
Taylor Swift already has a concert planned at Disney World

It comes as no surprise that Disney has swooped up the rights to Taylor Swift for a new ride. In fact, we recently reported here on the Taylor Swift Castle Concert coming to Magic Kingdom. Disney was already working with Taylor Swift, so a ride extension isn’t that far-fetched. Essentially, Disney will license Swift’s likeness in order to build a ride based on the pop star. 

We aren’t privy to the contract between Disney and Taylor Swift, but we imagine it’s an expensive one. Disney is swinging for the fences with Swift. In fact, they are hoping she will be even more popular in 2026 when the ride opens. If so, this new Taylor Swift Eras ride will open the door to a lot more consumers who will plan trips to Disney World, just for this ride. If the demand for her concert tickets is any indication, this could be a game-changer for Disney World.

Taylor Swift Eras Ride

The Taylor Swift Eras Ride, much like the Eras Tour, will be a journey through Taylor Swift’s musical “eras”. Guests will load into a ride vehicle that looks like a guitar. Each ride car will look like a different one of Swift’s guitars from her different eras. The ride will have a similar design to Runaway Railway and Rise of the Resistance. It will essentially be a trackless ride, taking guests through various scenes.

Location of Taylor Swift Eras ride coming to Hollywood Studios
Location of Taylor Swift Eras ride coming to Hollywood Studios. Photo via Google Maps

As expected, there will be many moments of anticipation and excitement as you experience Taylor Swift’s greatest successes as well as a few bumps in the road. Throughout the ride, you will experience each of Taylor’s eras, all while jamming to her most famous songs from each of the eras. In fact, each ride car has a slightly different soundtrack, much like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. The ride will end with guests sharing the stage at Taylor Swift’s Eras concert. 

The ride will have a similar intensity to Rise of the Resistance. It’s made for families, however, there will be moments of acceleration, as well as a Tower of Terror-style drop. This new Taylor Swift ride will be located behind the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. The ride is a great addition to Hollywood Studios as it fits right with the theme of Hollywood glitz and glamour.

What do you think of the new Taylor Swift Eras ride coming to Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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