The Best Disney April Fools Jokes: A Breakdown

Breaking down Disney's best April Fool's Jokes

Well, it’s the most magical day of the year. No, not Christmas. April Fools’ Day of course. The day where everything you see you must question. It’s truly a wonderful day, however, it should be met with extreme caution when visiting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We are going to break down the best Disney April Fools Jokes for you.

Breaking down Disney's best April Fool's Jokes
Breaking down Disney’s best April Fool’s Jokes. Photo via Disney

As we dive in, you are going to think some of these are highly believable, however, unfortunately, none of them are real. However, it shows how creative people can be when they create fake Disney news stories that are actually quite funny. So without further adieu, let’s look at some of the funniest and best Disney April fools jokes.

Disney Announced Elsa Replacing Cinderella Castle

The Cinderella Castle rumors were swirling in April 2015. Anytime changes to Cinderella Castle come up, people freak out. The Elsa retheme was no exception. In fact, this created extreme outrage among guests. But not nearly as bad as the outrage that Disney is removing Cinderella Castle as we reported and originally broke the news here

Elsa taking over Cinderella Castle at Disney April Fools joke
Elsa taking over Cinderella Castle at Disney April Fools’ joke. Photo via Disney

The announcement that Cinderella Castle was undergoing a retheme was made by Disney Parks spokesperson Ilene Woods. They said “We knew that the live-action version of Cinderella would cause a problem for us. Cinderella no longer looks like Cinderella, and the castle at the Magic Kingdom looks nothing like what is seen in the movie. One of our Imagineers pointed out that ‘Ella’ and ‘Elsa’ sound so much alike that most people probably wouldn’t even notice the change. That set the plan in motion.”

They also mentioned the popular Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will be replaced with a new store called Olaf’s Outfitters. It will feature winder gear such as gloves, scarves, and earmuffs. Also, they will have Frozen clothing for sale. Disney is always upselling guests on merchandise they don’t need. This is the perfect opportunity for that. Lastly, of course, Cinderella’s Royal Table will be replaced with Anna’s Royal table. Woods said “It will pretty much be the same thing but with different characters. The old princesses are passe anyway. No one really cared when we recently closed the restaurant for refurbishment, which was another sign that people are over the 1950 version of Cinderella”

‘Snears” – The Best New Headgear For Any Food Fan

This is a great joke by Disney and something any reasonable person would buy. The official Walt Disney World Twitter Account posted about Snears on April 1, 2019. These are “the latest innovation in #waltdisneyworld snacking.” Essentially guests wear snack ears that are Disney snack holders. This is actually one of the greatest inventions ever and so hip. 

Disney Snears April Fools joke
Disney Snears April Fools’ joke. Photo via Disney

We personally love double-fisting turkey legs inside the Magic Kingdom. However, this severely limits what you can do when both hands are consumed by turkey legs. These ears are the perfect snack holder. They even let you wear your food on the ride. This is especially great for the roller coaster that will jump the track as you will want to hold on for dear life on that ride. 

What’s amazing is this Snears video from Disney garnished 200K views, intriguing and disappointing many. This is to say even Disney themselves, like to spread fake Disney news sometimes. However, in 2023, this story isn’t as relevant since we reported here that Disney is banning Mickey Ears in their parks. 

Kale Churros Coming to Disney

Well back in 2018, kale was trending. Disney hopped on the trend by introducing kale churros. While some people were fooled by this, most were just disgusted. The whole point of a churro is to be unhealthy. Producing a kale churro would be a healthy alternative, but something no one wants. It’s not nearly as good as the Slim-Jim churros at Disney as we reported here.

Disney Kale Churro April Fools' joke
Disney Kale Churro April Fools’ joke. Photo via Disney

This Walt Disney World story on Facebook received 18 million views! Disney went viral over some more fake news on April 1st. Of course, Disney left a comment on the post “Don’t worry. Our churros are still 100% kale-free. Happy #AprilFoolsDay” which clearly told people it was a joke. That didn’t stop millions of people from falling for this cruel joke.

Mickey Shaped-Foods Will Take Over

Staying in the food vein, and this time much better. Disney introduced Mickey Shaped Foods. Of course, Disney already makes Mickey-shaped food, so what’s the difference? There are already Mickey Ice Cream Bars (with an awesome contest as we reported here!). They also have Mickey Pretzels, which continue to be popular despite the high price.

Mickey-shaped food takes over Disney April fools
Mickey-shaped food takes over Disney’s April fools jokes. Photo via Disney

Well in 2014, Oh My Disney announced Mickey Shaped Foods. This was a great and appealing addition. They announced Mickey Corn Dogs, Mickey Churros, Mickey Dole Whips, Mickey Pepperoni Pizza, Mickey Risotto Balls, Mickey Veggie Burgers, and even Mickey-shaped Turkey Legs. Don’t worry, we are drooling over all of these amazing new Mickey-shaped food options.

However, like anything, Disney disappointed us yet again. These foods have yet to come to fruition. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. For example, Culver’s launched the famous CurderBurger on April 1st. However, this April Fools’ joke became reality due to its massive popularity. Despite Disney announcing Mickey Shaped Food in 2014, it’s possible it can still become a reality.

Beverly Is Your Only Option

Disney is pulling off the greatest April Fools’ joke ever made in 2023. This is taking place in EPCOT right now. The only option at Club Cool is Beverly. For those that don’t know, Beverly is commonly regarded as the worst soda flavor out there. In fact, if you want to prank your friends, tell them to drink Beverly. Make sure you have your camera out to record their reaction. It will be priceless and live on forever in your friend group and within your family.

Club Cool only serves Berverly for Disney 2023 April Fools's joke
Club Cool only serves Beverly for Disney 2023 April Fools’ joke. Photo via

This April Fools, Disney has made all of the soda flavors at Club Cool temporarily unavailable, except for Beverly. Apparently, the cast members at Club Cool said this is not an April Fools joke, but rather a coincidence. However, no rational human believes that. There is no way that magically Beverly is the only flavor available on April 1st. Things like that do not happen by mistake.

This is truly one of Disney’s best April Fools’ pranks of all time. This beats out the Mickey-shaped food and the Snears by a long shot. The dark humor of Beverly being the only flavor at Club Cool is fantastic. This wins as the best Disney April Fools joke of all time.

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