Toll Booths Being Built Inside Disney World Theme Parks

Initial look at Tomorrowland toll booth inside Magic Kingdom

Does Disney like taking your money? Obviously the answer is yes, especially when they are struggling as a company. This is why they are charging you for Wi-Fi as well as charging $200 per person per day for Genie+. Well, now toll booths are being built inside Disney World theme parks as a way for them to make more money and control crowds.

Initial look at Tomorrowland toll booth concept art inside Magic Kingdom
Initial look at Tomorrowland toll booth concept art inside Magic Kingdom

Obviously Disney is a business, which is in the business of making money. So it comes as no surprise they are looking for new ways to get consumers to pay. However, the cost of everything at Disney World seems to keep going up and we keep seeing new things you have to pay for. Disney adding tolls inside their theme parks is almost as gut wrenching as the Mickey Mouse tax, which we reported on here

Toll Booths Inside Disney World

The addition of toll booths inside Disney World is an interesting move by Disney. Florida is known for their toll booths. In fact, if you fly into Orlando International Airport and drive to Disney World, you will probably hit a toll booth. While these tolls impact Florida residents, they are primarily there to toll tourists and generate additional revenue for the state. Objectively speaking, it’s a pretty good business model.

Guests will scan MagicBand to go through Disney World toll booths
Guests will scan MagicBand to go through Disney World toll booths. Photo via Disney

Disney World is following this model and installing toll booths inside their theme parks. This is a way to generate additional revenue from their guests inside their parks. How it will work is Disney World will install toll booths at the entrances to many different areas of their theme parks. It will cost each guest $5 to go through a toll booth. While this doesn’t sound like much, it will add up. That’s because each time you leave and re-enter a land with a toll booth, you will be required to pay the toll fee again.

When you arrive at a toll booth inside Disney World, you will scan your MagicBand to go through it. The process will be fairly quick, much like scanning your MagicBand to use a Genie+ or Lightning Lane pass. This means that all guests will be required to link a form of payment to their My Disney Experience app. Most people already do so they can pay for food, but if you haven’t yet, you will need to now.

Concerns Around Disney World Toll Booths 

There will be a toll booth at the entrance of every single land in Magic Kingdom. There will also be toll booths at the entrance of Toy Story Land, Sunset Boulevard, Galaxy’s Edge, and Animation Courtyard. In EPCOT, the tolls booths will be located at the entrance of Future World from World Showcase as well as both Canada and Mexico leading into World Showcase. Lastly, every land in Animal Kingdom will have a toll booth at the entrances.

A look at Magic Kingdom future Toll Booth Locations
An initial look at Magic Kingdom future Toll Booth Locations

Clearly, there are tolls placed all throughout Disney World. In fact, most areas will require you to go through a toll booth. This is where issues arise. As we mentioned above, guests will be required to pay a toll any time they want to enter an area of a park, even if you paid the toll earlier that day. If you rope drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, then go to Space Mountain, followed by Big thunder Mountain Railroad, all before noon, that will cost each person $15 just in toll fees. People are not happy about this.

The idea behind the tolls inside Disney World is twofold. First, Disney wants to generate additional revenue. However, they are also using them to control crowds better. They think that people will be more calculating with how they navigate around the parks with the toll booths. However, there are logistical concerns and experts are worried that these booths are going to create mass congestion inside the Disney World parks, especially during rope drop and the first few hours of the day.

What do you think of Disney World adding toll booths inside their theme parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Liz hhas
Liz hhas
20 days ago

Aren’t we paying enough to go in. We’ll guess I’m done with Disney. Final straw

19 days ago

I won’t ever go back again

16 days ago

never been dont think I will go soon they’ll be charging for air

10 days ago

This information is 100% false wifi is free geibe plus is 15 to 29 dollars and there are no plans for thus toll booth thung im a castmember and have worked in thr parks for iver 20 years and thus post needs removed as nothing is accurate

4 days ago

ill be done with Disney! I go every year. Time for new travel places!!!!