Tower of Terror Bungee Jumping Experience Now Available

New Bungee Jumping experience coming to Tower of Terror

Disney is all about finding new ways to enhance the guest experience (and make more money). We recently reported here that Cinderella Castle will be turned into a rock climbing experience. There is also a new zip-lining experience at Cinderella Castle too. Now, Tower of Terror is getting in on the fun with a brand new bungee jumping experience.

New Bungee Jumping experience coming to Tower of Terror
New bungee Jumping experience coming to Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror is one of the tallest buildings on Disney World property. While it isn’t as tall as The Swan Hotel or Expedition Everest, it’s close. The Tower of Terror is a daring 199 feet tall. This towering height makes it the perfect location to house this brand-new bungee jumping experience.

It’s really incredible what Disney is doing with their iconic structures. As we mentioned above, rock climbing and zip-lining at Cinderella Castle are both unique experiences. Also, the Tower of Terror recently got a new experience. You can now book a room in the Tower of Terror. This is another example of a cool and once-in-a-lifetime unique opportunity Disney is offering their guests.

What is The Tower of Terror Bungee Jumping Experience?

For only $200, you can climb to the top of the Tower of Terror and jump off of it, with a bungee cord attached to your chest or feet. This is certainly an experience for any thrill seeker and daredevil. Tower of Terror is already one of the scariest and most intense rides at Disney World. However, this new experience turns the intensity up 100 notches. 

Tower of Terror Bungee Jumping off the roof
Bungee jump off the roof of the Tower of Terror. Photo via

If you are afraid of heights, this probably isn’t for you. To get up to the top of the Tower of Terror, first, guests take a maintenance service elevator that’s still in operation, waiting for you. However, this elevator doesn’t travel to the Twilight Zone or a gift shop, it travels to the top of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Once you get to the top, you will get to walk up a set of stairs that lead to the roof of the Tower of Terror.

Once guests are on the roof, they will harness in and prepare for their jump. Disney will have a quick crash course before you get to this point. In fact, they have a whole acronym for the jump called SPLAT. That stands for Squat, Pray, Leap, Ahhhh, Touchdown! This is an easy way to remember the steps before taking the leap of faith off of one of the tallest buildings at Disney World.

New bungee jumping experience coming to Disney World
Bungee jump experience at Disney World. Photo via

What’s neat about this experience is not only the bungee jumping but also the Tower of Terror backstage tour you get. You will ride up an elevator that has historically been used by the Disney maintenance team to upkeep various parts of the ride that guests don’t typically have access to. You will also be standing on top of the Tower of Terror, which up until this now, is not something guests have access to.

This new Tower of Terror experience is great for thrill seekers and fans of the ride. However, Disney is requiring guests to be at least 13 years or older. This is due to the jump as well as the small behind-the-scenes tour you get. In fact, the minimum age to bungee jump legally is 12 years old, so Disney isn’t too far off with their age requirement. The last thing worth noting is you have to weigh between 90-300 lbs for this experience. This is out of safety for the guests.

Jump off the tower of terror with new after hours bungee jump experience
Get ready to jump off the Tower of Terror. Photo via

What do you think of this new Tower of Terror bungee jump experience? Would you do it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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