Walt Disney Taking Over The $100 Bill In 2023

The $100 bill is by far the most popular currency denomination in America. It’s not the most commonly used bill, however it consistently ranks as America’s favorite bill. Oftentimes people call them “Benjamins” or “Bennys” after Benjamin Franklin, who is featured on the $100 bill. However, in 2023, there will be a new face on the front of the $100 bill and a new back to it as well.

Walt Disney $100 Bill
First look at Walt Disney on the $100 Bill for 2023

It was just announced that Walt Disney will be taking over the $100 Bill in 2023. The Walt Disney Company will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2023. Disney will be selling special merchandise, decorating their theme parks, and apparently take over US currency as a way to celebrate this platinum milestone.

It is no surprise Walt Disney is being honored by having his face put on $100 bills. After all, he started one of the most successful companies in America, which continues to grow and thrive every year. As mentioned in The Carousel of Progress, Walt was as American as anyone could possibly be. He stood for everything America and progress and building towards a brighter future. The US could not have picked a better person to be featured on the $100 bill.

Walt Disney will replace benjamin franklin on the hundred dollar bill for disney's 100th anniversary
A look at Disney Dollars from the past. Photo via DizDollar.com

This Walt Disney hundred dollar bill will only be printed for a year and a half, during the Disney 100th anniversary celebration. The Walt Disney bill will be available on January 1st, 2023 and the last print run will be on June 1, 2024, the last official day of Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration. This bill will be legal tender that can be used at any store, like any other US currency.

As you can see in the picture earlier on in the article, the front of the $100 bill has a picture of Walt Disney where Benjamin Franklin usually is. We were not provided an image of the back of the bill, however we were told it will have a design similar to Disney Dollars, featuring different Disney characters and rides, but will be in the style of US paper currency.

We expect these Walt Disney $100 bills to be extremely hot and banks to sell out of them on the first day they are available. People will be clamoring to get their hands on an exclusive Walt Disney hundred dollar bill. Don’t be surprised when you see these bills listed on eBay selling for well over $100.

We are thrilled that Disney will be featured on the $100 bill. We think this is a great refresh of the bill and could be the future of US currency. We cannot wait to get our hands on one of these bills when they come out. It’s going to be an expensive collectors piece.

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6 thoughts on “Walt Disney Taking Over The $100 Bill In 2023

  1. FAKE.
    1. You copyrighted the image of the bill, which has awful Photoshop. No way Treasury would leave that sharp edge on the left of Walt’s image.

    2. Where’s the announcement from the Treasury Department?
    Why, when I search this, do I not find any news articles from reputable news sources?

    3. Treasury has never issued commemorative dollar bills, especially on a $100 bill. International confidence on the most counterfeited denomination would cause confusion.

    4. Why would Treasury commemorate the centennial of a corporation? Walt’s centennial was years ago.

  2. Ridiculous.

    I can think of dozens of civil rights activists that have died so that equality would someday be observed, that should have their image depicted on US currency. Not the creator of a carton mouse.

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