BREAKING: Birds at Disney World Are Not Real

Disney Birds are not real

If you have been to Disney World you know the parks are flooded with birds. From those flying over your head to the ducks begging for your popcorn. While they aren’t much of a hindrance, you don’t realize how many birds there are until you think about it. We just learned the crazy reason behind why there are so many birds at Disney World.

An internal source confirmed to us breaking news that many of the birds at Disney World are not real. They told us that Disney uses birds for security and surveillance purposes. There are cameras in the eyes that capture video of what is happening in front of them as well as microphones to capture audio. The Disney fake birds look extremely realistic, but apparently if you look close enough, you’ll be able to tell the birds aren’t real.

Disney birds aren't real and are used for surveillance
Breaking News: Most birds at Disney World aren’t real. Photo via

Our source mentioned the birds that sit at the end of Splash Mountain after the drop are examples of birds that aren’t real. They also told us that many of the birds that fly overhead aren’t real as well. This explains why Disney has “Do not feed the birds” signs on property. This is to prevent people from trying to feed fake birds, which could expose them as fake.

You may notice security cameras on rides at Disney World, but never around the parks. That is because the cameras around the park are inside the birds. This is a far less invasive way to keep tabs on all guests and helps stay true to the “Disney Magic”. The majority of the fake birds at Disney fly. These are used to get aerial footage of what is happening in the parks and allows security to act fast if something is happening.

Disney Birds aren't real and are actually used to monitor the parks
Birds aren’t real theory holds true for birds at Disney World. Photo via

There has recently been great speculation about whether or not birds are real in the US. The theory is that birds are drones operated by the US government and are used to spy on Americans. This movement has been gaining traction in the past few years and has a lot of valid and convincing arguments. When we asked our source for more information about the fake birds at Disney World, it immediately had a lot of similarities to the US birds aren’t real movement.

Learning that the Disney birds aren’t real is surprising, yet makes sense when you think about it. It’s a great way to monitor the parks without being obvious. What do you think about Disney using fake birds to keep an eye in the sky in their parks?

Disney world fake bird sketch
A visualization of a fake bird. The birds Disney uses are very similar

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