BREAKING: Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Will be Removed After 50th Anniversary

Cinderella Castle Will be removed after 50th anniversary

The most famous building on Disney World Property is Cinderella Castle. It has been there since opening day in 1971. According to Disney, Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, is the most photographed structure in the world. This makes sense considering everyone seems to take a picture of the castle when they enter the park, take a photo in front of it during the day, and take photos of the castle during the fireworks shows at the Magic Kingdom. It’s such an iconic building at the end of Main Street USA, so it just makes sense. However, come 2024, this will no longer be the case.

A huge Disney announcement just broke that they would be removing Cinderella Castle from the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. No longer will you walk down Main Street USA and see the towering castle. This announcement seemingly came out of nowhere. There was no indication prior to this announcement that Cinderella Castle would be removed. In fact, most people assumed the castle would never be removed or replaced given how iconic it is for Disney. Every Magic Kingdom park equivalent around the world has a castle, which makes it even more amazing they are removing it at Magic Kingdom. It is possible Disney removes the castles at each Disney park around the world, like Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland for example. For now only Magic Kingdom is losing their beloved castle and as you can see in the image below, Main Street USA and the Magic Kingdom look bare without Cinderella Castle.

Main Street USA without the iconic cinderella castle
A look at Main Street USA without Cinderella Castle

This however is not new. We have seen Disney destroy park icons in the past. At Hollywood Studios, Disney removed both Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat as well as the Earful Tower. Those were both amazing and loved park icons. The Tower of Terror has since become the Hollywood Studios park icon. This begs the question, what will be the new icon of Magic Kingdom when Cinderella Castle is demolished? We are guessing Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will become the new Magic Kingdom icon. Those are two of the most iconic and popular attractions at Magic Kingdom.

The exact date of when Cinderella Castle will be removed is not set. Disney only said that it would be removed after the 50th Anniversary celebration. We expect the removal to happen by 2024. It’s going to be extremely sad walking into the Magic Kingdom and not seeing Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street USA. We are also going to miss getting our Photopass picture in front of the castle as well. Taking a picture in front of the castle is just part of the Disney experience and something we are devastated that Disney is taking away.

Get photopass photos in front of cinderella castle before it is removed!
Take photos in front of Cinderella Castle before it disappears!

As mentioned, there is no indication yet if something will be taking the place of the castle, but as of now it appears that the space where the castle is now will just be an open area with a stage for any stage shows Disney puts on. This will certainly make the fireworks shows far less appealing as it removes the entire projection scenes on the castle. Maybe they will add a water effect like Fantasmic to still have projections. We are still stunned by this Disney announcement and can’t seem to make sense of it. What are your thoughts on Disney removing Cinderella Castle from The Magic Kingdom?

Also while you are here, fun Disney fact, Cinderella Castle is 189 feet tall! You may think this is the tallest building on Disney property, but it isn’t! The tallest ride at Magic Kingdom is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 197.6 feet tall. The tallest ride on Disney World property is Expedition Everest at 199.5 feet tall! Just some fun Disney facts for you!

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6 months ago

This is being forced on everyone, even Alabama. Our skate castle got demolished when it was a thriving business, a golf park here also was forced to take down their castle. America must be mad at England, or china is doing it to destroy our English heritage.

3 months ago

Thanks desantis