BREAKING: Disney on The Verge of Hatching a Real Dinosaur

Disney will add real dinosaurs to Kilimanjaro Safaris

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to about 2,000 animals, representing over 300 species. It’s home to some of the rarest animals on planet Earth. Disney spends millions of dollars every year on raising and researching animals. We just learned breaking news from an internal source that Disney is now on the verge of hatching a real-life dinosaur at Animal Kingdom!

Disney on the verge of hatching real dinosaur eggs
Disney is on the verge of hatching real dinosaur eggs. Photo via Marco Foto/Shutterstock

Despite the talk about Animal Kingdom closing permanently, which we reported on here, the park continues to add value to the animal world. Disney is always researching different animal species to learn more about them. This is often in part to save animals from becoming extinct. They raise animals to increase the population as well as research to help keep different species safe in the wild.

In fact, Disney has been working on one of the most top-secret animal research projects of all time. Disney is actively working to hatch a real-life dinosaur. This is currently happening inside Animal Kingdom, a park that welcomes over 50,000 guests per day. If successful, this would be the first real dinosaur to exist on Earth in 65 million years! That’s a long time.

How Is Disney Hatching a Real Dinosaur?

It’s no secret that Walt Disney loved dinosaurs. In fact, it’s his love for dinosaurs that encouraged researchers at Animal Kingdom to study and try to hatch a dinosaur. According to our internal source who brought us this breaking news, Walt Disney had a team working on bringing dinosaurs to life back in the 1960s before he died and was frozen. It turns out, Walt was the first to have the idea to get DNA from a mosquito in amber to create a dinosaur. 

Idea for Jurassic Park originated with Walt Disney
The idea for Jurassic Park originated with Walt Disney. Photo via Universal

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the plot of Jurassic Park. According to our source, Walt shared this idea with a small group of people prior to passing away. This idea spread and eventually led to Stephen Spielberg directing Jurassic Park with Universal Studios. It’s a shame Universal made the movie when Walt had the idea. However, Disney seems to be the one who will create the first real dinosaur, so that’s a win.

It turns out, per usual, Walt was onto something. According to our source, Disney has been researching and working on making a real-life dinosaur since Animal Kingdom opened and possibly before that. No, they aren’t going to take a time rover back in time, nearly avoid a meteor shower, and bring back an Iguanodon. Disney is actively hatching a dinosaur egg in a modern, high-tech facility with distinguished scientists from all around the world. Unlike Muppet Vision 3D, these scientists actually showed up.

What Will Happen Once Disney Hatches This Dinosaur?

It’s expected that the first real, living Dinosaur will hatch at Animal Kingdom in the next few weeks. According to our source, the egg is almost ready to hatch. They mentioned that Disney has actually hatched dinosaur eggs in the past, however, none have been successful. This is so far the most promising. In fact, they can see the dinosaur moving around in the egg and see its heartbeat.

Disney hatching first real life dinosaurs in 65 million years
Disney will add real dinosaurs to Kilimanjaro Safaris

If this dinosaur hatch is successful, Disney has a few more eggs in reserve that they can also hatch to start the first real dinosaur population. Disney will go to extreme measures to take care of the dinosaur when it hatches in order to keep it alive. In fact, our source estimates that Disney has invested over $50 million in dinosaur research over the past 25 years. Once they hatch the dinosaur they have to raise it carefully so it doesn’t die and they can foster a dinosaur population.

Once Disney has living dinosaurs, they will put them in Kilimanjaro Safaris for guests to see. This will make the ride and Animal Kingdom far more desirable. If Disney successfully hatches dinosaurs, there’s no doubt Kilimanjaro Safaris will be the most popular ride at Disney World. A real-life Dinosaur would be a game changer for Disney and would likely be reason enough for Disney to not close Animal Kingdom permanently.

Let us know your thoughts on Disney hatching real-life dinosaurs in 2023 in the comments below!

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