BREAKING: Disney World May be Closing Permanently in 2025

Disney World may be closing permanently in 2025

Disney World may be closing permanently. Rumors have just started swirling that all Disney World parks will close in 2025. This is due to high costs and low profits.

Disney World may be closing permanently in 2025
Disney World may be closing permanently in 2025

Disney continues to raise prices at their parks in an effort to offset these costs, but it is clearly not working. In fact, their stocks continue to be down from where they once were. On top of that, Cinderella Castle burning to the ground is making their financial situation worse due to the cost of rebuilding.

Breaking news, Cinderella Castle caught fire yesterday
Cinderella Castle fire is part of the reason Disney World may close in 2025

Now, shareholders are calling for the company to close its theme park business and refocus on its movies, shows, and sports. On top of that, the Walt Disney Company is embarrassed by their lack of innovation at Disney World. They continue to struggle to build new and exciting rides.

In fact, Disney uses humanlike robots in the parks to increase wait times and make their parks seem busy. This shame alone is enough to get them to consider closing the doors for good. This also coincides with Universal Epic Universe opening up soon.

Disney is essentially admitting they are losing the theme park battle to Universal Studios and they might be throwing in the towel. It begs the question, will Universal acquire Disney? This might just be the business shift the company needs to make in order to become profitable and a worthy company like they once were. This announcement has many Disney Adults crying.

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20 days ago

NOOOOOOOO I can’t believe this place is closing 🙁 I love Disney world plz tell me that they won’t close it for good.