Camp Overnight on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom

Camp at Magic Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to camp under the stars at Walt Disney World? Currently you can at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. You can bring in an RV or pitch a tent at the campground and spend the night outside at Disney World. However, there is a new and more exciting way for camping coming to the Magic Kingdom!

Wish Upon a Star Nights are coming to Magic Kingdom starting in spring of 2023. On these select nights, guests will be able to spend a night camping inside the Magic Kingdom on Main Street USA. It will cost $200 per guest to spend a night camping inside the Magic Kingdom.

Disney world camp nights at magic kingdom, stay over night for a new event
Guests will soon be able to camp out in the Magic Kindgom

At this event, Disney will offer free food, drinks, and desserts to all of the guests spending the night in the park. They will also project a movie on Cinderella Castle! The movies will rotate each night of the event, so if you have a favorite Disney movie, you may want to look at the movies that will be playing ahead of time.

On the Wish Upon a Star nights, the Magic Kingdom will close at 8:00 to the general public. The guests staying overnight in the Magic Kingdom will then be able to enter the park with all of their camping gear. Security may take extra long at this event, so be patient. Once guests are in, they can pitch their tent anywhere from the Main Street Train Station to anywhere around the hub in front of the castle.

The movie will start playing at 9:00, which gives guests enough time to get in, set up their tent somewhere on Main Street, and get ready for the movie. The food, drinks, and desserts will be available until 11:00. The food available will be the typical Disney food like chicken tenders, burgers, fries, popcorn, Mickey pretzels, Mickey ice cream bars, soda, water, desserts, and much more. There will be a huge variety of food options.

Disney will project movies on cinderella castle during camping nights at magic kingdom
Movies will be projected on castle during Wish Upon a Star nights. Photo via

Once the movie wraps up, Disney will have a short Kiss Goodnight show with a few fireworks. Guests spending the night in the Magic Kingdom will have to leave the park by 8:00 AM the next morning in order to give Disney enough time to clean up the park and get it ready for guests to enter the park that next morning.

This sounds like a magical event and so much fun. We have always dreamed of camping inside the Magic Kingdom. Our only advice is bring a soft mat for the bottom of your tent as you will likely be camping on concrete, unless you are lucky enough to get a spot on the hub grass. Do you want to camp inside Magic Kingdom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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