Chapek Statue to Replace Tower of Terror Sign

Bob Chapek replacing famous Tower of Terror sign

The heartbreaking news came just the other day that Disney would be removing the infamous Tower of Terror sign on World Drive. Disney didn’t give fans much of a warning as they proceeded to demolish it overnight!

Tower of Terror sign being replaced with Bob Chapek Statue
Tower of Terror sign being replaced with Bob Chapek Statue. Photo Credit: Inside The Magic

For many, this sign was one more thing that got them excited as they drove onto Disney property for the first time during their stay. This was truly an iconic sign and it begs the question, why did they take it down?

We finally have an answer. Disney will be replacing the Tower of Terror sign, with a giant statue of the current Disney CEO, Bob Chapek. This announcement comes just weeks after the board unanimously voted to extend Bob Chapek’s contract as CEO for three years.

Bob Chapek Statue to Replace Tower of Terror Sign at Disney World
First look at Bob Chapek Statue coming to Disney World

Chapek has been one of the most controversial CEOs for Disney. Many of his decisions are heavily criticized by Disney fans. This might just be the biggest controversy yet. Although we don’t know who decided a Bob Chapek Statue would be the best thing to put there, we know it isn’t a good look for an already controversial CEO.

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