Cinderella Castle Zip Line Experience at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle Zip Line Experience

Disney goes above and beyond to make the guest experience amazing. This is especially true for their fireworks shows. From the music to the fireworks themselves, they never fail to impress. They also have the spectacular sight of Tinker Bell flying through the sky during the show. Soon guests will be able to take flight over Magic Kingdom like Tinker Bell does in the show.

Zip line experience opening up at Magic Kingdom
A look at the Magic Kingdom zip line experience

If you have ever wanted to soar over Magic Kingdom, now you can. Disney is offering a brand new amazing experience for their guests to zip line down Tinker Bell’s zip line in the Magic Kingdom. For those not familiar, the zip line runs from Cinderella Castle to just above the Tomorrowland Terrace. Every night during the fireworks show, Tinker Bell magically flies across the sky. Spoiler alert, she “flies” with the help of the zip line pictured above.

This is the first time ever that guests are allowed on this zip line. There are a ton of perks to doing this experience. First off you get an amazing view of the Magic Kingdom as you zip line over the crowds. It’s also a mini Magic Kingdom backstage tour. If you do the zip line experience you will get to walk backstage behind Main Street USA and climb up to the top of Cinderella Castle from the inside! We have a sneak peak from inside Cinderella Castle below!

A look inside Cinderella Castle
A rare look inside Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

This is truly a unique and cool moment for the biggest Disney fan. If you want to do the Magic Kingdom zip line experience it will cost $99 per guest. The cost covers one trip down the zip line and the mini backstage tour. Very few guests have been inside of Cinderella Castle before. Being able to climb up to the top of the castle is worth the $99 alone. If you are afraid of heights, this may not be for you. Cinderella Castle is 189 feet tall. That is an intimidating flight for anyone afraid of heights.
A rare

There are a few restrictions for those interested in Disney’s zip line experience. Guests have to be 16 years or older. Disney often has age restrictions like this for going backstage. The Keys to The Kingdom tour requires guests to be 16+ as well to prevent them from spoiling the magic for younger kids. You also have to weigh under 250 lbs for this experience. This is for safety measures so the zip line and harnesses don’t break.

This appears to be the start of potentially many more zip lining experiences coming to Disney World in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on these experiences. Will you zip line from the top of Cinderella Castle? Let us know in the comments below.

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