Coco Overlay Coming to Haunted Mansion

Coco overlay coming to Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular Disney attractions of all time. The ride wait may not always reflect this, but we know it is a fan favorite and has a passionate following. We just found out about changes coming to the beloved attraction that may upset many Disney fans.

Haunted Mansion to include Coco overlay in scene
Haunted Mansion to include Coco scene

A Coco overlay is coming to The Haunted Mansion. The attraction will be closing soon for a refurbishment to add a Coco scene to the attraction. Full details have not yet been released, but we do know this will only impact the ballroom scene in the attraction. This is similar to the approach Disney recently took with Mickey’s Philharmagic by adding a Coco scene in the middle of the existing film. We loved that addition!

The famous ballroom scene will be removed from the attraction and will be replaced by a scene from The Land of the Dead where Miguel sings Un Poco Loco. The track layout will remain the same, however, Disney will completely replace the ballroom with the stage from Coco. On the stage Miguel and Héctor animatronics will be singing and dancing to Un Poco Loco.

Haunted mansion ballroom scene to coco
Ballroom scene Haunted Mansion. Image from

This change means the soundtrack to Haunted Mansion will be changing slightly. It will now include the song Un Poco Loco in the middle of it. This is a big variance from the current score, which was originally created for the attraction. Disneyland has done something similar before with The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay, however that is only a temporary overlay and impacts the whole attraction, not just one scene.

We love Coco, but aren’t sure it is the right fit for this attraction. What do you think about this new retheme?

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