Disney Adding Transportation Fares to Monorails, Buses, Skyliner, and Boats

Disney adding transportation fees

Getting around Walt Disney World is extremely easy. Disney offers buses, they have a world class monorail system that smells a little funny, they have their Friendship Boats and Ferries, and of course the new Skyliner system. These services used to be free, however, that is changing.

Disney will soon start charging guests to use their transportation services. They will be adding fares to their monorails, buses, skyliner, and boats. Each ride will cost only $2 per person per ride, however with how much guests rely on Disney transportation, this will add up fast.

Disney will charge guests to ride their transportation on property
Original Disney World Transportation Ticket. Photo via vintagedisneylandtickets.blogspot.com

Disney is not new to charging for transportation. Back when Disney World opened, it costs $1.50 for unlimited transportation on the monorails, steamboats, and motor trams for a day. Taking in account inflation, $1.50 in the 70s would cost $8 in today’s money. So if you ride a bus to and from the park now that would cost $4 vs $8 in the 70s when Disney World first opened.

This move by Disney is in line with their pay per ride model they are actively considering, which we reported on here. There are certainly pros and cons to a new pay per ride model as well as paying for transportation on Disney World property when it is currently free.

This change is partially due to an overflow of guests on Disney transportation. If you have ridden on any of these, you know how long the lines can be at the end of the day when the parks close. With a pay per ride model, Disney is hoping to decrease the demand for transportation and reduce the length of these lines.

Disney charging guests to ride transportation on property
MagicBand readers will be located at Transportation areas

It’s also a cash grab as they know people need to get around Disney property. It costs Disney a lot of money to operate all of these vehicles, especially with the inflation and high gas prices. They are passing on the cost to the consumer by shifting to this model.

In terms of logistics, Disney will be adding MagicBand readers at the different transportation hubs. To enter the lines for the buses, monorails, boats, and skyliner, you will be required to scan your MagicBand. This will automatically charge the credit card on file $2 for that ride. These readers will be able to scan MagicBands implanted in wrists, which we recently reported on here.

What do you think of the addition of transportation fares at Disney World? Will this change how you get around Disney property and how often you take the transportation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Josephine Rizzoni
Josephine Rizzoni
1 year ago

I have been bringing the senior class of my school to Disney for their Senior Trip. If you impose this transportation cost and you have already made us pay for transportation from the airport to Disney not only is it NOW costing students $28-$30 more for the bus but it will increase the cost of the transportation within Disney an addition $30 per student.
I know that things are bad, but to impose another cost just so Disney can make back the money they lost during CoVid does not seem fair. Maybe we will be seriously looking to go somewhere else.

Real Disney Fan
Real Disney Fan
6 months ago

Considering this was over a year ago, maybe you should take this fear mongering piece down?