Disney Bans Proposals in Their Theme Parks

Disney bans proposals in their theme parks. Proposing may lead to a lifetime ban

Did you know that on average, there are 50 proposals at Disney theme parks around the world on any given day? This is truly a remarkable statistic. In fact, last year alone, there were nearly 19,000 documented proposals at the Disney theme parks. However, that number will be 0 in 2024, now that Disney is banning proposals inside their theme parks.

Disney bans proposals in their theme parks. Proposing may lead to a lifetime ban
Disney bans proposals in their theme parks. Photo via u/wasgehtlan Reddit

The Disney parks are a truly magical place for many. People go there for special occasions. Whether they are an inmate eating their last meal, which we reported on here, celebrating a birthday five months after it happened, or getting down on a knee and proposing. There are so many things people celebrate at Disney World, however, one of those is now illegal.

The Disney Proposal Problem

Disney proposals happen in a few different ways. The easy way is bringing your friends and family and getting on a knee and proposing to your wife in front of Cinderella Castle. However, make sure someone in your group has their camera out. Another option is to do an engagement package with Disney. It will cost you, but you can expect the moment to be perfect and magical. Despite this, there are huge problems with proposals at Disney parks.

Engagement packages cause huge issues for Disney, leading to the ban of proposals
Engagement packages cause huge issues for Disney, leading to the ban of proposals

Marriage proposals at Disney World are known for causing problems. They interfere with the experience of other guests and require a ton of Disney resources when someone gets an engagement package. These two problems compound on each other and make proposals at Disney a nightmare. In fact, an internal source familiar with Disney proposals said, “Wedding proposals are one of the worst things to ever happen to Disney parks”. This is a sentiment shared by so many people.

Our source confirmed to us that an engagement package at Disney is a huge time and money investment for Disney. In fact, capturing a proposal is more involved than a fireworks show at Disney. This is a massive drain on their internal resources, which is a problem. Disney is struggling to generate revenue and maintain staff. The engagement proposals are on the short list of items they are cutting from their parks.

Disney Banning Theme Park Proposals 

Can I propose at Disney theme parks? The answer to that is no. Disney is banning all proposals inside their parks. In fact, anyone caught proposing after this ban is implemented, will be kicked out of the park. They may also receive a lifetime ban from Disney. This is an effort by Disney to crack down on these problematic proposals and restore order to their theme parks.

Say goodbye to marriage proposals at all Disney parks
Say goodbye to marriage proposals at all Disney parks. Photo via Disney

It’s also worth noting that if you secretly propose inside Disney World and aren’t caught, but decide to post about it online, Disney may track you down. That’s right, Disney is dedicating resources to find people posting about secret proposals in Disney World and will go after them and will ban them from their theme parks. This new rule applies to all Disney theme parks around the world including Disney World, Disneyland, and all international Disney theme parks.

Many guests are furious with this decision by Disney. They argue that they should be able to propose in Disney as it is one of the most magical places on Earth. In fact, some guests are planning a huge protest at Disney World and Disneyland where they will all get on one knee in front of Cinderella Castle and Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is to show their disdain for Disney’s decision to ban all proposals inside their theme parks.

What do you think of Disney banning all proposals in their theme parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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