Disney Covers up Employee Cannibalism Scandal

Disney Employee Cannibalism scandal

Disney has almost 200,000 employees. It isn’t the biggest employer in the US, but it’s near the top. When you hire as many employees as The Walt Disney Company does, you are bound to have a few employees with issues. Information was just leaked exclusively to MouseTrapNews.com that Disney has been covering up a scandal with one of their employees that involved cannibalism.

Back in April of 2021, Trader Sam, one of the most popular employees at the Jungle Cruise, was quickly and quietly removed from the attraction. There was much speculation that he was removed because Disney wanted to change some of the more “controversial” scenes on the attraction. It turns out Sam was actually removed after being arrested for murder.

Disney employee trader sam charged with murder
Trader Sam Prior to his arrest. Photo via AttractionsMagazine.com

On the Jungle Cruise the skippers often make jokes about Trader Sam being a cannibal. Here is what one Jungle Cruise Skipper that knew Sam well had to say about him: “Not only was Trader Sam an excellent salesman, he was a great chef as well. He had me over for dinner last year and I said ‘Sam, your wife makes an excellent stew’, to which he responded ‘Thanks, but I am sure going to miss her.’”

When I told the skipper the news about Sam, he was extremely disappointed to hear that Sam had been charged with various felonies. He went on to say “It’s a shame to see this happen to Sam. He had such a bright future ahead of him. He was about to open a new restaurant called ‘Cannibal Cafe’, which is always looking for new ways to serve you. I guess the name should have tipped me off. The menu items sounded delicious too. They were going to serve Baby Back Ribs, Heads of Lettuce, a Cup of Joe, Girl Scout Cookies, and much more.” According to this anonymous skipper, everyone thought the cannibal bit was just a joke, not something that actually happened.

Disney covers up employee cannibalism scandal with trader sam
Gift shop replaced Trader Sam after arrest. Photo via AllEars.net

Surprisingly, cannibalism isn’t actually illegal in the United States. However, Sam was still arrested and charged with 71 counts of murder. It just so happens that each person he murdered, he also ate or served, including his wife.

Disney tried to keep a lid on this story. It isn’t a good look when one of your employees is charged with that many counts of murder and proceeds to eat all of the victims. This news was leaked to us by an internal source close to the information. We can’t imagine Disney will appreciate us reporting on this story and making it public, but that is our job, and nothing can stop us now.

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