Disney Files Patent for Roller Coaster That Jumps Track

Disney Patent for roller coaster that jumps track

Some of the most innovative theme park attractions can be found at the Disney Parks. Soarin’ was the first of its kind. Disney is also home to Tower of Terror, one of the most impressive rides ever made. Now Disney just filed a patent for one of the craziest and what would be one of the most advanced amusement park rides of all time.

Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) just filed a patent for a roller coaster that jumps the track. This means the rollercoaster will fly through the air during part of the ride, with no track under it. The classic video game Thrillville: Off the Rails had a roller coaster that jumps the track on the cover of the game. This was a crazy idea that no one actually thought could work, but now Disney is trying to make that dream a reality.

Disney gets patent for roller coaster that jumps tracks
Disney Imagineering patent for track jumping roller coaster

The roller coaster in the patent Disney filed completely jumps off the track and lands on another track an unspecified distance away. This is the truest attempt at making a jumping coaster. Universal Studios filed for a similar patent that uses the idea of a roller coaster jumping the track, but in their patent, the coaster is not actually flying through the air like Disney’s patent describes.

The Universal roller coaster only appears to jump the track. The coaster runs on a track underneath that the guests can’t see. This is similar to how Test Track cars run on wheels under the track. The actual car wheels that guests see are primarily for aesthetics, not the main driver. Despite that, Test Track has recently been closed due to failed emissions tests, which you can read about here.

Disney files for patent for track jumping roller coaster
Track jumping roller coaster concept. Photo via RocketJump on Youtube

According to an internal source, the Disney patent does not guarantee the attraction will be built. They are merely protecting the idea in case they decide to build it. That said, Disney Imagineers are actively pursuing a roller coaster that jumps the track, which they have a working jump coaster model under strict confidentiality.

As you may imagine, a roller coaster of this caliber is not easy to create and requires extensive calculations and engineering. Our source mentioned that they rode the jump coaster model and were terrified, though they said it was an exhilarating experience. In order for this to become a reality however, Disney has rigorous testing to do and it’s not expected to be ready for the public until 2030 at the earliest, if it even happens.

We reached out to one of the top engineers in the country to ask about the feasibility of a ride so crazy and ambitious. They mentioned on paper it’s possible, however it requires an extreme amount of precision. They told us that in order for a roller coaster to jump the track, it has to move at precise speed every single time, which can easily be impacted by the weather, humidity, number of riders, and many more elements. This engineer has doubts on if it can actually be done, but says it’s theoretically possible.

Would you ride a roller coaster that jumps the tracks? Let us know in the comments below!

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