Disney Fixing Broken Expedition Everest Tracks

Disney will finally fix the broken track on Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest to date is the most expensive roller coaster Disney has ever built. It cost a staggering $100 million to build. In fact, this is one of the most expensive roller coasters ever built in the world. Despite having a huge budget, ever since the opening of the ride, some of the track has been broken. Well, good news, Disney is finally fixing the broken Expedition Everest track.

Disney will finally fix the broken track on Expedition Everest
Disney will finally fix the broken track on Expedition Everest. Original photo with circle via Quarax

Broken Disney World rides can cause huge issues. It can lead to serious injury and death. Luckily, this was never an issue for Expedition Everest. No one has been seriously hurt on the ride, like the man losing his hands on Space Mountain, despite always being broken. Disney certainly dodged a bullet and is now finally going to replace that broken track on the ride.

Expedition Everest is Very Broken

When Expedition Everest opened back in 2006, immediately guests noticed something funny. The track on the ride was broken, sending guests backward. Eventually, the ride corrects itself and goes forward again. However, it leaves people wondering how Disney can look past such a serious flaw in the track design and put people in danger.

Disney also replacing the broken yeti on Everest
Disney also replacing the broken yeti on Everest. Photo via Discovery Channel

Of course, this isn’t the only thing broken on Expedition Everest. In fact, we reported here that Disney has plans to remove the Yeti from the ride permanently and replace it with a screen. It’s amazing that a $100 million dollar ride has so many broken elements to it. It really questions the ability of Disney to execute at a high level. It’s also disappointing for guests.

The announcement to fix the broken track is exciting for many people. It’s been broken for nearly 20 years. Guests are finally ready to experience Expedition Everest with a track that isn’t broken in the middle of the ride. On top of that, guests are excited to experience the ride with the fixed track and see where it takes them.

Disney Fixing Expedition Everest Broken Track

Disney will close Expedition Everest later this year to fix the broken track as well as replace the broken Yeti with a projection screen. The closure is expected to last at least one year, maybe longer. According to an internal source, Disney needs to do extensive redesigning of the ride to fix the broken track, however, it will be worth the wait.

Disney finally fixing the broken track on Expedition Everest
Disney is finally fixing the broken track on Expedition Everest. Photo via Theme Park Review YouTube

Instead of stopping at a broken track and going backward, the ride car will go over the edge of the mountain. It will wind down, around, and through the mountain range. The guests will still come across the Yeti “breaking” the tracks as well as the projection screen replacing the giant animatronic Yeti. The ride is expected to be as thrilling, if not more thrilling with the fixed track.

In fact, our source expects Expedition Everest to become the fastest ride at Disney World. Currently, Test Track has that title at 65 MPH, however, the drop over the edge of the mountain will be so steep and so long that the ride will hit a top speed of around 65-70 MPH. As a reminder, Expedition Everest is the tallest ride at Disney World, allowing the roller coaster to hit top speeds.

What do you think of Disney finally fixing the tracks on Expedition Everest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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