Disney Releases Line of Park-Inspired Sodas Flavors

First look at Disney World-inspired soda line
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Smell and taste are known for being the two most important senses for triggering emotional responses. Disney knows this, which is why they focus so closely on providing guests with great experiences through smell and taste. In fact, the way Disney uses scents and taste to make money is borderline extortion. Well, Disney is exploiting their world-famous scents and flavors by releasing park-inspired soda flavors.

First look at Disney World-inspired soda line
First look at Disney World park-inspired line of sodas

If you know anything about Disney, you know how important smells are to their theme parks. In fact, the smells are so well-known and well-loved that the Magic Candle Company recreates them in the form of Disney candlesoilsroom sprays, and more! If you love Disney scents, check them out here and save 15% on your order if you use our code MOUSETRAPNEWS, which is a win-win. Disney is taking a play out of their book and instead of selling smells, they are selling Disney-flavored sodas.

Disney World Flavored Sodas

A few months ago we reported here on Disney making park-scented perfumes and colognes. This of course had people excited. Who doesn’t want to smell like the Haunted Mansion? The natural follow-up question is how can I drink Disney flavors? In fact, we know that millions of people ask this question every year. Sure, you can safely drink ride water now, which we reported here, but there are far more Disney flavors than just ride water.

You can buy Disney World-inspired soda cans or get it from soda machines
You can buy Disney World-inspired soda cans or get it from soda machines

Disney is finally getting into the soda business with the release of park-inspired soda flavors. The first wave is inspired by Magic Kingdom and has only four flavors, but they are good choices. These first four flavors are Frontierland Churros, Main Street Corn Dogs, Orange Bird Dole Whip, and of course Caribbean Pirates Water. These flavors seem a bit unconventional, however, according to an internal source, Disney partnered with Coca-Cola to design and create these new flavors.

As you might assume, Frontierland Churros is a churro-flavored soda that has a sweet and cinnamon-spiced essence of freshly baked churros. Main Street Corn Dogs soda captures the savory and crispy flavor of corn dogs from Casey’s Corner. Orange Bird Dole Whip soda offers a refreshing blend of citrusy orange and creamy pineapple reminiscent of the iconic Disney treat. Lastly, Caribbean Pirates Water is water that tastes like the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean, which is iconic.

Drinking Disney Park-Inspired Soda

For those who want to try these four new Disney park-inspired soda flavors, you have a few options. As you saw at the top of the article, Disney is selling these sodas in cans. You can buy these cans inside all Disney World Resort stores. You can also buy the cans at the popcorn stands inside the Disney World theme parks. As expected, these cans are highly sought after, so don’t be surprised if they are sold out. Not only do people want to try these new flavors, but also want to collect the cans.

Disney partners with Coca-Cola to introduce new park-inspired soda flavors
Disney partners with Coca-Cola to introduce new park-inspired soda flavors

Another option to try the soda is at the soda fountain machines throughout the Disney World parks and resorts. As you can see in the image above, these new Disney World-inspired flavors have taken over some of the Coca-Cola sodas. You can get these new sodas at select soda fountain machines in Disney World restaurants across property. If you buy a refillable mug, you will also be able to use that to try these new soda flavors.

Many guests are thrilled about these new Disney theme park-inspired soda flavors. As we noted, this is the first wave of sodas, inspired completely by Magic Kingdom. According to an internal source, Disney has plans to release another wave of four new park-inspired sodas. These will likely be inspired by EPCOT or Hollywood Studios, however, no further details are confirmed. We expect these new Disney World sodas to be extremely popular.

What do you think of Disney’s new park-inspired soda flavors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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