Disney Ride Shut Down After Man Farts on It

We bring you the strangest Disney World story of the year. It’s crazier than the kid who floated away holding Mickey balloons as we reported here. It’s also wilder than the woman who got out of her Living with the Land boat to steal a cucumber. This time on Living with the Land, a guest farted, which led to this Disney ride being shut down!

A man's fart forces the closure of a popular disney world ride
A man’s fart forces the closure of a popular Disney World ride

Living With The Land at Disney World is one of the most iconic rides in EPCOT. For those not familiar, Disney describes it as “a gentle boat cruise through multimedia agricultural displays and the 4 working greenhouses of The Land Pavilion” Apparently weird things happen on this ride. First, it was a cucumber thief, now it’s a fart that shut down the ride. They can’t catch a break at Living with the Land.

What Happened on Living with the Land?

Living with the Land was shut down yesterday after a man passed gas on the attraction. Yes, you read that right. A Disney World ride shut down after a man farted on it. This is a weird and wild story. However, it makes sense once we unpack it. The good news is it’s better to be shut down for that than a man losing his hands on Space Mountain.

Living with the Land closes due to a man's fart
Living with the Land closes due to a man’s fart. Photo via wdwnt.com

We reached out to someone who was on the ride at the time this happened. According to our source, they were in the greenhouse of Living with the Land when a pungent odor filled the air. Everyone in their boat started reacting to the stench, which was immediately recognized as a human fart. They mentioned the smell was so strong it had guests coughing and gasping for air. Clearly, things were going wrong.

The guests on the ride tolerated the smell for about a minute, however, it started to make them sick. Because of this, people started getting off the boat. Typically on Disney rides, guests are to remain seated at all times. These guests clearly broke protocol by standing up and walking off the ride onto the sand next to the ride track. While doing this, their boat continued to journey down the track with some of the guests still in it.

Why Was a Disney Ride Shut Down From a Fart?

The moment guests started getting out of their boat, Disney had to hit the emergency stop button on the ride. This is for the guest’s safety. In fact, technically standing up and getting off of a ride could get you banned from Disney. However, so far Disney has not banned any of the guests due to unusual circumstances.

Disney urges guests not to get out of their ride cars, regardless of the situation
Disney urges guests not to get out of their ride cars, regardless of the situation

Disney needed to stop the ride immediately. The moment guests got out of the boat, they were put in danger. If they fell into the water, they could be crushed by an oncoming boat. There are also plenty of other safety issues that arise the moment a guest gets out of the boat. This is similar to guests getting out of the Splash Mountain boat when it sank.

The use of the emergency stop button forced Disney to evacuate Living with the Land. Ultimately, they shut down the attraction for almost two hours to reset everything. We reached out to the man who farted on the ride. All he said was “I’m impressed I was able to shut down a Disney World ride single-handedly.” 

What are your thoughts on this story? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 months ago

This is awful. Disney should make this man pay for everything and then ban him from the parks AND the cruises.

2 months ago

There’s a time and a place for you to pass gas. It’s disgusting and disrespectful to everyone when done in public and / or an enclosed space… where people cannot get away. That’s why there’s restrooms. He should have been embarrassed and remorseful, but instead he was proud of himself.

I have better manners than that and IF one were to slip out, I would feel horrible, embarrassed and ashamed and would apologize profusely. I wouldn’t be going back there anytime soon either way out of sheer embarrassment. I would not want to be known as the person who shut down a ride for such an incident and I especially wouldn’t want an article written about it / me.

I originally felt sorry for him until I read his comment about being proud of shutting down the ride. That’s where he lost all respect and sympathy from me.

1 month ago

No, obviously nobody would like to get banned from Disney just for farting but maybe go somewhere else don’t do it on a ride be considerate or just to the bathroom