Disney World Park Ticket Prices Will Double

Disney Ticket Prices will Double

Taking a trip to Walt Disney World is not a cheap experience. A park ticket for Walt Disney World can cost you anywhere from $58 per day if you get a 10-Day no park hopper ticket, all the way up to $225 for a 1-day ticket with park hopper. The price of a Disney park ticket depends on the time of year you go, the number of days you buy, and if you are adding park hopper or no park hopper. That is just the costs for the tickets, we haven’t even touched on hotel and dining. Well if you thought the ticket cost couldn’t get worse, it just did.

Current Disney Park ticket prices will double
2022 Disney World Ticket Prices. Chart via wdwinfo.com

Just a few weeks ago, Bob Chapek talked about potentially raising the price of park tickets. It looks like he made his own prediction come true. Disney announced they will be doubling the price of individual tickets. This impacts every type of Disney ticket sold from a 1-day ticket to a 10-day ticket. The cost of adding the park hopper option also doubled. Using the example above, a 10-Day no park hopper ticket will cost you $116 per day and a 1-day ticket with park hopper will cost you $450 for that one day! That is absurd.

Disney doubling the price of park tickets
Disney park tickets through the years

Not only does this cost increase impact the single day park tickets, it also impacts Disney annual pass tickets. The good news, if there is any, is the annual pass ticket increase isn’t quite double. The lowest tiered Disney annual pass currently costs $339, however the new cost will increase to $510 for the year. The highest tiered Disney annual pass currently costs $1,104 and will increase to $1,656 for the year. This is a 1.5X price increase instead of the 2X increase we are seeing with the individual tickets. The only ticket price that is not increasing is the Disney Lifetime Pass we just reported on the other week. For now Disney is leaving the cost of that ticket at $40,000 per person.

There are a few reasons Disney is doing this. According to reports, the main reason is of course inflation. The increasing costs on everything is “forcing” Disney to pass some of the increasing costs onto their consumers. In our opinion, inflation doesn’t warrant doubling the cost of their already high park tickets prices.

Disney also states an increase in demand is driving up prices. The number of people visiting Disney World is at an all time high and shows no signs of slowing. Disney is aware of this and is going to charge more due to the high demand. This is economics 101 and a great way to increase profit for Disney, but irritate customers.

The last reason stated in why they are driving up prices is to sell more annual passes and get guests to visit Disney World more frequently. Disney wants people to buy their annual pass because it gives them more of a reason to visit the parks. If you are from out of state and have an annual pass, you will likely prioritize a trip to Disney as your vacation to get the most value out of your pass. Each time you come back to Disney World you spend more money on hotels, parking, food, souvenirs, and more. Yes, Disney raised the price on both individual tickets and annual passes. However, they raised the prices on the annual passes by a lower rate to encourage more people to purchase the annual pass and come back to Disney more frequently in a year because it is technically a better deal.

Disney world Is doubling ticket prices in 2023
Disney ticket price increases since opening in 1971. Photo Via MarketWatch.com

The increased ticket price will not take place until 2023. So if you want to go before the prices are raised, we suggest you act fast.

We think it is crazy Disney is doubling the price of their park tickets, however, we know people will still pay them. Will you continue to take trips to Disney World or are they taking this too far? Let us know in the comments!

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