Disney World Replacing American Flags with Pride Flags

The Carousel of Progress refers to Walt Disney as American as anyone could possibly be. Walt truly stands for everything America. He went from being broke to creating one of the most successful businesses in the world. He truly lived and experienced the American dream. However, Disney World is wiping America from their parks in June by replacing all American flags with Pride Flags.

Pride flag replacing all American Flags at Disney World in June
Pride flag replacing all American Flags at Disney World in June. Photo via Disney

For those not aware, June is pride month. That is the month when the rainbow flag takes over every single large corporation and institution. Thousands of companies show their “pride” by recoloring their logo with a rainbow. This is typically a PR stunt run by companies to show they celebrate pride month. Disney World is taking this to the next level by replacing all American flags on their property with the rainbow flag.

Disney World American Flags Change to Pride Flags

It’s no secret that the battle between Ron Desantis and Disney is strong. Each day a new story comes out of this battle. Our favorite is Ron Desantis calling in the National Guard to block the entrances to Disney World, which we reported here. Then, Disney decided to update the Ariel animatronics to more closely reflect Ariel from the new live-action movie, which you can read about here. Now, Disney is sticking it to Governor Desantis by replacing all American flags with pride flags.

All American Flags to be replaced with Pride Flag at Disney World
All American Flags will be replaced with pride flags at Disney World. Photo via orlandoparksguy.com

This is certainly a controversial move by Disney as pride month and pride celebrations continue to divide the country. This is especially true when you replace the American flag, which stands for freedom, liberty, and of course, America. We know Sam Eagle wouldn’t be happy with this move. In fact, he is one of the biggest American icons of all time. 

Disney will replace the American flags outside the parks with pride flags as well as the ones inside the parks. In fact, this includes the American flags on Main Street USA that aren’t even official American Flags but are meant to look like real ones. Those will all be replaced with different pride flags. Many people don’t know there are thousands of pride flags. They all mean something different. Disney will line Main Street USA up and down with a buffet of pride flags to fill you up.

Pride Flag Retreat Replaces Iconic American Flag Retreat

Also, for those who don’t know, at 5:00 every day, the Magic Kingdom has an amazing Flag Retreat Ceremony. As they state on their website, “Say the Pledge of Allegiance and hear the trumpet fanfare sound Retreat in this daily tradition. Watch as the American flag is lowered, while “The Star-Spangled Banner” plays. The ceremony is a tribute—a thank you to veterans for their service, sacrifice, and dedication to protecting our country.” This is an amazing event and we urge everyone to see it at least once when they visit the park.

Magic Kingdom American Flag Retreat will be replaced with pride flag retreat
Magic Kingdom American Flag Retreat will be replaced with pride flag retreat. Photo via dvcshop.com

The sad news is, the American Flag Retreat will be discontinued in June at Magic Kingdom. That flag retreat is to honor veterans and show love for this beautiful country. However, it’s being replaced with a pride flag retreat. Instead, at 5:00, Disney will lower the main pride flag at the Magic Kingdom. Also, it will be accompanied by “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor as they lower the pride flag and retire it for the day.

This decision by Disney has millions of people divided. Some say this is crucial to support the pride movement. On the other hand, many people are furious Disney would replace the American Flag and an important tradition with a pride flag as a PR stunt. Veterans especially feel undercut by this as they put their life on the line for the country and deserve acknowledgment and respect. Only time will tell if Disney implements this in June or if the blowback will be so harsh they pull back and cancel it.

What do you think of Disney World replacing all American Flags with the pride flag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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R Barnes
R Barnes
11 days ago

Well, my view is , and stands, that we all have rights. I think its great that Disney is showing there support in June. Veterns I hope understand, ” we are all important” Disney shows respect to all, thats what has made Disney who they are, Dreams can, an do come true. Pride flag shows , freedom, which is the American dream.and know one person should take that away from You or me. we all have this right. Know One , has the right to tell a person or a company ,what they can ,and cannot do. Im happy Disney , is holding and staying strong, I support Disney and there move forward with there outcome to protect all, and stay the course. Disney has made Florida the state it is today, and all it takes is a slip, from you know who, and Florida is done. A move out of Florida, both property and ships of Disney, would be a disaster. Wake up M, you know who..not a smart move, and you wanna be our President.. Florida beware!!

C Ann
C Ann
8 days ago

First and foremost we are Americans, citizens of the United States. Disney is here because of the Freedoms we have as Americans. Our ancestors, our veterans and today’s soldiers have fought and still fight for the freedoms we have. I am not saying people don’t have the freedom to fly the Pride flag, they do have that right, that is what makes us Americans. Without the American flag we would not be able to fly the flags that express our individual opinions. This is why, I believe, the American flag should be flown above all other flags. This would show respect to all of America first, then fly our other belief flags below the the American flag that gives us the freedom to express that belief.

Peri Mae
Peri Mae
7 days ago

Disney has gone above and far beyond on this one. That is a slap in the face to veterans and Gold Star families. Why has such a small percentage of people become such a popular item to glorify??! What has happened to the company that Walt Disney founded. They should not get involved with politics! They will soon lose their title as “the happiest place on earth” , if they don’t stay away from politics and being “ woke”. I will not be going back and I will encourage others to do the same! The American flag comes before any other flag , always! I can see a special “ pride week” Why should they get a whole entire month?!? Do others get a whole entire month? No. Why is this movement so popular and companies are pushing this on the entire world ?

6 days ago

We did it boys, we got them to make Disney gay !!