Disney World Testing New Hurricane Defense Technology

Disney Hurricane Defense Technology

Hurricane Ian is quickly approaching Walt Disney World in Florida. It’s possible it will hit Disney World as a Category 3 Hurricane, but it may turn into a tropical storm by the time it reaches Disney. They have already announced they will be closing the parks on Wednesday September 28th and Thursday September 29th because of Hurricane Ian. We have also just heard that Disney will be testing new hurricane defense system on Disney World property.

The hurricane defense system is a brand new technology that Disney has created in partnership with the US Government and SpaceX. According to our internal source, this technology has been in the works with Disney for the past 7 years, but has not been used yet. Apparently Disney was ready for testing 5 months ago, but this is the first hurricane to hit the Disney World area since they were ready to test it.

Disney preps for hurricane ian with new defense system
Hurricane Irma Damage at Disney World. Photo via onecountry.com

While we don’t know exact details on how this hurricane defense system works, we have some insight. Disney will utilize huge magnetic coils that are scattered around Disney World property as well as magnetic coils that were launched into space last year with SpaceX. These coils are supposed to help break up the storm and lessen its impact.

Disney will turn on these coils and have them running over the next couple of days as Hurricane Ian makes its way through central Florida and the Walt Disney World property. Disney does not yet know how impactful this hurricane defense system will be. This is only a testing phase, but they hope it will have a large impact on the approaching storm.

This could be game changing technology if it works. This new hurricane defense system isn’t expected to stop the storm, but Disney is hopeful that it will reduce the amount of wind and flood damage on property. We have been assured that this defense system is safe for humans to be around, which was our biggest concern.

Disney use huge magnet for new hurricane defense system
Disney hurricane defense will use giant coil magnet. Photo via ITER

If Disney’s hurricane defense system proves to be effective, who knows what the future of this will be. This technology could be a huge game changer and help keep the world safer when big hurricanes do make landfall.

We don’t know how much Disney spent on this technology or if there were US Government grants involved, however, if it’s successful, we can expect Disney to sell this technology and capitalize on the benefits it brings.

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