Donald Trump Presidential Rally Coming to Magic Kingdom

Donald Trump to host rally at Magic Kingdom

The news around Disney World and politics continues to be in the spotlight. This began after Disney and Ron DeSantis became entangled in a battle of power moves. We saw DeSantis call in the National Guard to block Disney World entrances. Then, Disney announced replacing all American Flags with pride flags. Disney’s involvement in politics is heating up in a surprising way with the announcement of a Donald Trump presidential rally coming to the Magic Kingdom.

Donald Trump to host rally at Magic Kingdom
Donald Trump to host a rally at Magic Kingdom

The announcement of a Donald Trump rally coming to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has the world stunned. However, the rationale behind this decision makes a lot of sense when you understand why he is doing this. Of course, like anything with President Trump, there is plenty of controversy. We will dig into why Trump is doing this and the controversy behind it.

President Trump Rally at Disney World

President Trump’s announcement to hold a rally at Magic Kingdom was just announced on Truth Social. For those not familiar, Truth Social is a social media website created by Trump after being kicked off Twitter. Despite being unbanned from Twitter, he still doesn’t use the platform and instead uses Truth Social. You can see the announcement below. While it’s brief, we know that Donald Trump will have a rally at Disney World.

Donald Trump Truth Social post on Disney World rally
Donald Trump Truth Social post on Disney World rally

The reason President Trump is holding a rally at Disney World is a direct strike at his main presidential competitor, Governor Ron DeSantis. As noted, DeSantis is in a heated battle with Disney. However, Donald Trump is using this as grounds to attack DeSantis. In fact, recently Trump said, “DeSanctus is being absolutely destroyed by Disney.” This is an obvious attack on DeSantis. While Trump may not fully support what Disney is doing, he sees a great opportunity to attack his opponent.

Trump will be using the Magic Kingdom as a site for one of his upcoming rallies. It’s expected that he will be attacking DeSantis from the place that is currently battling him. In fact, according to an insider, Trump agreed with Disney to not bash the company in his rally. He is however allowed to attack DeSantis on the battle between Disney and Desantis. This is truly a surprise. Not one person in America would have guessed Trump would hold a rally inside the Magic Kingdom.

Donald Trump Disney Rally Controversy

Of course, anything with Donald Trump is controversial. While we don’t know when the rally at Disney World will be, we expect it to be in the next few months. In fact, there will be no special tickets for the rally. It will happen on Cinderella Castle stage in front of anyone and everyone at the park that day. Disney is taking this deal because they know Trump will draw a huge crowd to Disney World for this rally. They expect to generate a lot of revenue from this event from people who might not normally go to Disney World.

President Trump rally at Disney World is a platform to attack DeSantis
President Trump’s rally at Disney World is a platform to attack DeSantis. Photo via AP News

However, many people are upset that Disney is giving him a platform to speak inside one of their theme parks. They are upset because of the “controversial” things that President Trump has said and done in the past. Many argue that it isn’t a place for the President to hold a rally. We saw very similar sentiments when Disney added him to the Hall of Presidents.

Despite the controversy, Disney has agreed to let the President speak in the Magic Kingdom to tens of thousands of guests. Disney wants the additional revenue brought in from those willing to visit Disney to see Trump’s rally. However, we expect there will be protests inside and outside of Magic Kingdom due to this decision. Only time will tell if that actually comes to fruition or not.

What do you think of Disney allowing President Trump to host a rally inside Magic Kingdom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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