Happily Ever After Fireworks Will Return to Disney World!

Happily Ever After is returning to Disney World

The Disney Enchantment fireworks show has been nothing but a disappointment for Disney fans. The show’s musical score is weak and the overall experience is quite honestly one of the worst fireworks shows Disney has created. Luckily we have some amazing news with Happily Ever After to share that Disney fans will love and may cry about!

Disney enchantment ending soon with the return of Happily Ever After
Disney Enchantment is ending soon and will be replaced with Happily Ever After!

Happily Ever After will be returning to Disney’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 2022! Disney fans are ecstatic. Happily Ever After debut in Magic Kingdom on May 12, 2017 and quickly captured the heart of all guests. It was truly an amazing show with beautiful projections, great fireworks, a story, and fantastic music to drive the show. In fact, Jordan Fisher’s recording of Happily Ever After on Spotify has over 16 million plays! There is no arguing this is the best fireworks show Disney has ever created, which begs the question, why did they end it?

With the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary starting on October 1, 2021, Disney wanted to kick it off with a brand new amazing fireworks show. It turns out this fireworks show wasn’t as amazing as Disney had anticipated. Out of the gate it got harsh reviews and guests were saying it was a disappointing follow up to Happily Ever After.

Jordan Fisher just posted a video on Twitter earlier this week about Happily Ever After Returning. In the video he said, “Is Happily Ever After gonna come back at some point? Like shouldn’t it come back?” It appears this was a marketing/PR stunt by Disney to build up some buzz around Happily Ever After, just to drop the news that it will in fact be returning.

Happily Ever After is returning to Disney World in 2023
Happily Ever After Returning to Magic Kingdom October 1, 2023!

The return of Happily Ever After surprises us. We assumed Enchantment would be the fireworks show for a long time, not just the 50th anniversary celebration. We are guessing that Disney is ending the shows run early and bringing back Happily Ever After due to the large outcry from Disney fans. This is one of the few instances in the past few years that Disney actual considers what their customers want.

Okay so now the sad part. We are the leading fake Disney news site, so this story isn’t real. Don’t worry, we are crying too knowing this isn’t real. However, we are still going to use our wide reaching platform to call out Disney when they make mistakes in hopes that maybe one day they will listen to their customers and bring back Happily Ever After. We have high hopes of this becoming a reality and think we might once again be able to see this amazing show in Magic Kingdom in the near future.

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