Is Disney World Banning Alcohol on Property?

Disney World may be banning Alcohol on property

Banning alcohol at Disney!? But drinking Around The World at EPCOT is one of the biggest allures to the park! For those not familiar, that’s where people order a drink from each country around EPCOT. In fact, many Etsy companies make shirts and other products specifically for Drinking Around The World. Sadly, the idea of Drinking Around The World at EPCOT and drinking at Disney World in general may coming to an end if Disney World bans alcohol on property.

Disney World may be banning Alcohol on property
Is Disney banning alcohol on property? Sadly, it seems likely

It has been announced that Disney World may ban alcohol on property. This comes after an increase in alcohol related incidents at Disney World parks. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, arrests at Disney World due to guest intoxication is up 250% from the previous year. This is a stunning statistic and clearly makes the Disney World parks much less safe.

As you may remember, Disney was lobbying to change the minimum drinking age at Disney World to 18 a few weeks ago. We reported on that here. This was to generate more revenue across their parks given the increase of sales they would generate from 18-20 year olds being allowed to drink on property. This was extremely controversial and likely won’t happen anymore.

Drinking age at Disney World may be lowered to 18
A few weeks ago Disney was trying to lower the drinking age to 18! Photo via

There have been many more controversial issues with alcohol intoxication at Disney World as well. Back in 2021, a woman got out of her boat on Living With The Land to steal a cucumber. This was a wild story. After further investigation, the person was under the influence after drinking at EPCOT. Yet, this wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Just recently a huge fight broke out at Disney World over a popcorn bucket, read our story on that here. While the circumstances that led to the fight were over line skipping, we later learned that the guest that started the fight was extremely under the influence of alcohol. Clearly, this is a terrible look for Disney and seems to be the driving force to ban alcohol on Disney World property.

This is a very extreme turnaround for Disney, going from lowering the drinking age to 18 to banning alcohol all together. Furthermore, this would mean no more Drinking Around The World or fancy drinks from Oga’s Cantina in Hollywood Studios. Also it’s worth mentioning, Magic Kingdom just recently started serving alcohol in the park. Disney knows that alcohol is a huge money maker for them, in fact, one of the biggest, so it is interesting to see they may be ban it.

Drinking around the world may no longer happen at EPCOT
Drinking around the world is extremely popular, but may come to an end. Photo via SansoneStationery Etsy

There is no word yet on if Disney will go through with banning alcohol. With MagicBands, Disney does have the power to track the drinks people buy and can cut them off, thus reducing how many people are intoxicated on property. They can also reduce the alcoholic content in drinks. Of course, this doesn’t help if people sneak alcohol into the parks, which we do not condone.

We are surprised that Disney World is considering banning alcohol on property. This is a huge business decision. We hope they will find a middle ground instead of an all out alcohol ban. What do you think of Disney World banning alcohol? Does this make their parks safer and more family friendly? Let us know in the comments below!

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