it’s a small world Meet and Greet Coming to Magic Kingdom

it's a small world meet and greet coming to magic kingdom

it’s a small world was one of Walt’s first attractions, debuting it at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. It was a huge hit and became an immediate fan favorite. After all, who doesn’t love the song it’s a small world?

This classic attraction is finally getting its own meet and greet almost 60 years later. Disney announced this would be part of Disney’s 100th anniversary celebrations in 2023. Since it’s a small world is such a big part of the company’s history, Disney wanted this amazing moment to happen during the 100th celebration.

The meet and greet for it’s a small world characters will happen just outside of the entrance to the attraction. Cast members will dress as some of the most popular dolls from the attraction and represent various countries. There will be 10 different it’s small world characters that you can meet and they will rotate on an hourly basis throughout the day. It will be random however, so if you want to meet all 10 dolls, you will have to keep checking back to see who is appearing each hour.

it's a small world meet and greet coming to magic kingdom
First look at it’s a small world meet and greet concept art

The characters costumes will be plastic and modeled to look just like the dolls from the attraction as you can see in the image above. Some are already suggesting this will be creepy. We are intrigued to see the costumes in person. We expect Disney will share the actual costumes in person with the public for the first time at D23 this September. Lastly, we do not know if this will be a limited 100th anniversary meet and greet or if it will be permanent. Make sure to follow The Mouse Trap for more updates on this story.

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