Legally Bury Loved Ones at Disney World

Legally Burry Loved ones at Disney World

Haunted Mansion is often a dumping ground for human ashes. When some people die, they want to have some of their remains left at Disney World or Disneyland. Oftentimes Haunted Mansion is the lucky final destination for these ashes.

Legally spread ashes at Disney World or Disneyland
Burry loved ones legally at Disney World. Image via

Dumping ashes on Disney rides will get you kicked out of the park and potentially banned for life. Disney has zero tolerance for this. After all, it is a family place. Other guests should not have to ride an attraction knowing that the dust on the ground isn’t really dust. Disney is making an effort to stop this from happening by allowing people to legally be buried or have their ashes spread on property at a specific location.

Disney will be opening a cemetery on property. Guests will be able to either host a burial for a loved one or spread the ashes in the cemetery. A burial ceremony on Disney property will run you $15,000 per body. However, if you want to spread ashes, this will be free.

As mentioned above, Disney is doing this as a way to reduce the number of people spreading ashes inside the park (and to make more money). This will be a totally legal way for you to let your loved one live on at Disney, World while not bothering other guests.

Disney World adds cemetery where you can legally burry loved ones
Map of new Disney World cemetery

The location of the cemetery will be where the NASCAR Racing Experience and Richard Petty Driving Experience was formerly located. This will allow the diseased to be close to the Magic Kingdom, the happiest place on earth.

We are dying to find out how popular this will be and if it will truly reduce the number of people who spread ashes on the attractions.

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