Lifetime Pass Coming to Disney World

Disney Lifetime Pass will soon be an option for Disney World

Do you hate buying Disney Park tickets each time you or buying a Disney annual pass every year? To make matters worse, the annual pass price and daily ticket prices for Disney seem to increase every year. If only there was a better way. Wait, there is! If you have deep pockets…

Disney just announced a brand new lifetime pass! To become a Disney lifetime passholder you pay a one time fee that allows you to go to Disney World every day for the rest of your life. The Disney lifetime pass will not have any blockout dates, to add the cherry on top. Some other amazing benefits of the new Disney lifetime pass are you don’t need to make theme park reservations before you go! You can show up to any park at any time and walk in. Similarly to the Disney annual pass, there are discounts at select shops and restaurants. Also anyone with a Disney lifetime pass will have free access to Disney Photopass on attractions and in the parks. The only thing the Disney lifetime pass doesn’t include is Genie+ or Lightning Lane. However, we just learned fastpass+ will be returning, so that seems to be a non issue.

Disney annual pass lifetime pass
Disney annual pass Options, including new lifetime pass

This lifetime Disney World pass sounds amazing! But what is the cost? For one lifetime pass to Disney World, it will cost $40,000 per guest! This is similar to what the Incredi-pass annual pass would cost you for 30 years, assuming the price remains at $1300 per year.

So is the Disney World lifetime pass a good deal? It depends. If you are younger and plan on going to the parks for the rest of your life, then it might be worth it. If you are older and don’t have as much time left on the planet, this might not be the best investment. The other thing to consider is it is a one time price. Disney World annual passes and park ticket prices will continue to rise. In fact, Bob Chapek was just talking about raising prices the other day. So it’s possible that as price tickets continue to rise, you breakeven on the lifetime pass after 25 years or so.

disney lifetime pass annual pass
Disney World annual pass. Photo via

In conclusion, if you have $40,000 at your disposal and plan on going to Disney World for the rest of your life, this is a great deal! However, this does not take in account the cost of hotels, food, or transportation to and from Disney. This is a huge commitment and if you have any doubt about future trips to Disney, you may not want to make the investment for a Disney World lifetime pass.

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