MagicBand Chip Implant Option Coming to Disney

Disney’s MagicBands have been around since 2013. Using RFID technology, they hold every bit of information about their guests from park reservations to credit card information to make purchases easier. Disney just recently launched MagicBand+, which is a cross between a MagicBand and an Apple Watch. Coming in 2024, Disney will have a new way to “wear” your MagicBand.

It seems like each year MagicBands get more invasive. We recently saw this with MagicBand+ adding new features like tracking your steps and sleep habits like a Fitbit as well as GPS tracking. See our story on those additions here. If that wasn’t invasive enough, guests will soon be able to get a MagicBand chip implanted in their skin. We will get to the cost of this later in the article, it’s crazy.

Disney to offer magicband implant in skin in 2024
History of MagicBand releases by year

You heard us right, Disney World and Disneyland guests will soon be able to get a MagicBand RFID chip implanted in their skin. It is not yet clear where on the body you will be able to get this implant, however, our guess is Disney will limit it to your wrist/forearm area. The wrist is the most practical spot on the body for it since that is where MagicBands are typically worn. This is also a far less invasive area to put the chip than anywhere else on your body.

Prior to allowing this, there was one woman who took it upon herself to put a MagicBand Chip in her skin. You can watch the video here. As the Cast Member in the video states, it is “innovative” and “convenient”. He isn’t wrong about that. Allowing guests to implant a MagicBand in their wrist is extremely convenient. They don’t need to worry about remembering to bring one for their trip or potentially losing it at the parks, unless of course they lose their limb on a ride.

Disney to offer MagicBand implant in your wrist
Photo from @mrsfett87 on Instagram, who got a MagicBand implanted in her wrist

You will be able to get your MagicBand chip implanted on Disney property. There will be specific locations where you can wait in line to get the procedure done. It will only take a matter of minutes and will be done by professional surgeons. Guests who want to do this will need to sign a waiver prior to the implant. On top of that, it will cost $1200 per person. That price is steep, but it’s technically a surgery. With that said, health insurance will not cover this procedure.

It’s also worth noting that Disney will not implant MagicBand chips in minors. This will only be offered for guests over 18 who can consent to this life altering surgery. This lessens the liability on Disney and is of course the right thing to do.

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