Man Caught Trying to Sneak Microwave into EPCOT

Man Sneaks Microwave into EPCOT

The carry-in policy at Disney World tends to be fairly relaxed. There are however many items that aren’t allowed inside of Disney Parks. Those items include firearms, drugs, alcohol, glass, horns, drones, and many more. One guest tried pushing the carry-in policy to its limit.

Man caught trying to sneak microwave into EPCOT
Disney has extensive list of banned items to bring in parks. Photo via

A man was caught trying to sneak a microwave into EPCOT yesterday according to official reports. Microwaves are not explicitly listed as a prohibited item at Disney World. However, that does not mean they are allowed in. Disney has a line in their policy that states “We reserve the right not to allow any bag, parcel or other item and to deal with any unattended object, bag or luggage in such way as we consider appropriate.”

Disney has this line in their carry-in policy to cover them in situations like this. It is impossible to list every single item that is prohibited, that would require a book larger than the bible. This line allows Disney security personnel to prevent people from bringing in items they don’t deem appropriate and not listed in the prohibited item list.

Man caught trying to bring microwave and pizza rolls into epcot at disney world
Man tries bringing microwave and pizza rolls into EPCOT and gets caught

The man tried to sneak his microwave into EPCOT by pushing it in a stroller. He put a fake baby head on it to pretend it was his child in the stroller. Disney security thought it looked suspicious and when they did a more thorough search of the stroller they found a microwave disguised as a young child. Disney immediately confiscated his microwave and didn’t allow him to bring it into EPCOT.

In the report the security team mentioned the man was planning on using it to make Pizza Rolls that were in a cooler in his stroller. Disney security still allowed him to bring the Pizza Rolls in. This is certainly an interesting thing to happen and not something we see at Disney every day. It is not clear if the man was able to claim his microwave at the end of the day or not. Have you had Disney security confiscate something you tried to bring in? Let us know in the comments below.

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