Moving Walkways Coming to EPCOT World Showcase

Moving Walkway EPCOT

World Showcase is hands down one of the best parts of EPCOT. There is so much to do and so much to explore. There are 11 different countries you can visit. There are so many great food options and incredible photo opportunities. We just wish there were more PhotoPass spots along the way, but that’s for another day. The only downside is a full lap around World Showcase is 1.2 miles and there is no shade to keep you cool! Luckily Disney has an amazing solution for your trip around World Showcase.

Disney will be adding moving walkways around World Showcase. They will be similar to the moving walkways you see at Pirates of The Caribbean, which will soon be replaced, the PeopleMover, Haunted Mansion, and other attractions around the parks. However, this will be the longest moving walkway in all of the parks.

EPCOT adding moving walkways to world showcase
Peoplemover moving walkway. Photo via

The moving walkway will not be continuous. There will be plenty of breaks along the way where guests can get on and off to visit different places in World Showcase. In fact, according to Disney, the longest stretch of moving walkway will only be 100 yards, which is the length of a football field.

Disney is breaking up the moving walkway into many different segments for a few reasons. The most obvious reason is if there is a mechanical issue, only one of the sections will be non operational versus the whole thing. Also this allows guests to hop on and off at different restaurants, shops, and attractions. This is great for enhancing the guest experience.

Moving walkways added to world showcase
Moving walkway World Showcase concept art at EPCOT

The addition of the moving walkway in World Showcase is one of the best announcements Disney has ever made. It makes walking around World Showcase much easier and reduces the number of steps you have to take to get around. This is great because World Showcase is 1.2 miles long, which is a lot of steps.

The moving walkways also help beat the heat. There is little shade in World Showcase, so when it’s hot, the less effort it takes to get around, the better. Lastly and most importantly, EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. This addition fits perfectly with the vision of EPCOT, to be an experimental community and try things that have never been done. There is not a moving walkway in the world that will be close to as long as this one. This is a big technological advancement and EPCOT is the perfect place for it.

Disney adding moving walkways to world showcase
World Showcase, the hottest place at Disney World. Photo via

Disney has not yet announced and official timeline for this project. We believe they will not begin the project until 2023. We do know they will be doing it one section at a time. Once they finish a section it will open for public use. This way Disney isn’t doing construction all around World Showcase at once. This is a similar process they will follow when paving over the Trolley Tracks at Magic Kingdom. We are expecting the moving walkway project to take about a year to complete.

Are you excited for the moving walkways at EPCOT? This will make drinking around the world so much easier, but hopefully not more dangerous. Let us know what you think about this project in the comments.

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