Polar Express Roller Coaster Coming to Disney World

Polar Express Roller Coaster Disney World

The Christmas season starts at Disney World on November 1st every year. The day after Halloween officially marks the start of Christmas. Disney transitions their parks into a Christmas wonderland to celebrate. They even have Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which is a wonderful Christmas time. In 2024 Disney will start celebrating Christmas year round with a new Polar Express roller coaster.

New ride coming to disney world based on the polar express
The Polar Express: Off The Rails new roller coaster coming to Disney World

Disney has just announced they will be building a Polar Express roller coaster at Hollywood Studios! Ever since the launch of Polar Express back in 2004, people have been asking for a Polar Express ride that imitates the highly dramatic scene where the train goes off the rails. Disney is finally giving fans what they want. The new Polar Express Roller Coaster is set to open on November 10, 2024, which is exactly 20 years after The Polar Express debuted in theaters.

The Polar Express roller coaster will be named The Polar Express: Off The Rails. While full details on the attraction are still scarce, here is what we know so far. The Polar Express: Off The Rails will take guests on a journey through the very popular Polar Express movie. Guests will board the train to visit the North Pole to see Santa. However, things won’t go to plan. Guests can expect many twists and turns and unexpected moments as they make their way to Santa.

Polar Express roller coaster coming to disney world hollywood studios
Polar Express roller coaster coming to Disney World will go trackless

The ride will be a roller coaster that at some point goes trackless. This will give guests the experience of being off the rails, which happens in the movie when the train skids across the ice. The coaster will utilize a proprietary technology that Disney is not spoiling because they want it to be a surprise. It will likely have similarities to Runaway Railway, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and Rise of the Resistance, but will be more sophisticated.

While Disney doesn’t own the Polar Express, they will license the rights of the movie to make this attraction from Warner Brothers. This is similar to what Disney is doing with The Purge movie they are licensing from Universal, which we reported on here. The amount they are licensing the movie for is undisclosed, but we know this attraction will bring a lot of value to Hollywood Studios.

Trackless roller coaster coming to disney world Polar Express ride
Polar Express roller coaster will have trackless moment. Photo via Theme Park Review

This will be a technologically advanced roller coaster and will be extremely exciting when it opens up. The attraction will be located near Toy Story Land. Just from what Disney has said so far, we know this will be a cool attraction and will certainly drive long wait times.

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