Rock Climb Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Pay to rock climb cinderella castle

Disney used to hire professional climbers to climb up and down the Matterhorn attraction in Disneyland. This was done to give the attraction a more authentic feel since mountain climbers do scale the Matterhorn Mountain in real life. Sadly it was never open to guests. However, now guests will be able to rock climb at Disney World.

Guests can now rock climb Cinderella Castle
Mickey and Minnie climb Disneyland’s Matterhorn. Photo via

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom is home to a new experience. Guests can rock climb to the top of the castle! Cinderella Castle stands at a towering 189’ giving anyone who ventures to climb the castle, quite an experience. This new experience is something we never would have expected, but are excited nonetheless.

The new Cinderella Castle rock climbing experience can be booked as a package through the Walt Disney World website. It will only cost $149 per guest plus tax. There will be a limit to the number of guests who can rock climb at once due to the size of the castle, which is partially why the cost is so high. This package is limited to guests 14 years and older. There will also be a skills test prior to climbing up to the top of the castle according to Disney’s site.

Disney adding Cinderella Castle rock climbing experience for $149 per guest
Cinderella Castle rock climbing experience will be $149

Disney states “Guests will be required to demonstrate their climbing skills prior to scaling Cinderella Castle. This is to ensure their safety as they climb to the top of the Castle.” This of course makes sense because Disney doesn’t want someone to fall while they are scaling the castle. They don’t want their guests to get hurt in front of a huge crowd, which would be bad optics for Disney.

The package is good for one hour of climbing Cinderella Castle. What guests do in that hour is up to them. They can climb to the top and scale back down multiple times, climb to the top and hang out, or climb as high as they can go. Disney has added small rocks to the castle to aid climbers. They also have some paths that are easier to climb than others depending on experience.

Rock Climb Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Disney World
Guests can now rock climb Cinderella Castle

Disney is really starting to make use out of Cinderella Castle. At Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty Castle has an extremely popular walkthrough attraction inside of it. They wanted to use the Disney World castle in a larger capacity, which is why they are offering this Rock Climbing experience and why they recently added a Cinderella Castle Zip Lining experience, which we reported on here.

While rock climbing up Cinderella Castle seems risky, Disney stated that they will ensure maximum safety of the guests. However, if you are afraid of heights, this probably isn’t for you. Do you want to rock climb up Cinderella Castle? Let us know in the comments below!

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