Shrek 4-D Attraction Coming to Disney World

Shrek 4-D replacing Philharmagic at Disney World

A few months ago we learned that Shrek 4-D would be closing at Universal Studios. This came as a surprise and disappointment to many as it is such a loved attraction. Not only is it very humorous like the Shrek movies, but it also has a great storyline. For those who miss the show already, we have some great news.

A Disney announcement just came out that Shrek 4-D will have a home at Disney World. This seems like a strange move by Disney considering they don’t own Shrek. We have not heard of a deal between Universal Studios and Disney to transfer the rights to Shrek. It is possible Disney bought the rights to the entire Shrek property and will be releasing new Shrek movies down the road. With the amount of acquisitions Disney has done, this would not come as a surprise. Disney knows how popular Shrek continues to be and they may have bigger plans to release more Shrek movies like Shrek 6, Shrek 7, and Shrek 8. We may even see a Shrek 1.5 like we saw with Disney’s The Lion King.

Shrek 4-D attraction coming to Disney World Fantasyland
Shrek 4-D announcement on Disney’s website

The attraction itself will be located in Fantasyland and will replace Mickey’s PhilharMagic. This is a fitting replacement as PhilharMagic is already a theater set up for 4-D movies. The infrastructure is there, all Disney needs to do is add elements to the queue and showroom for the theming and update the film and add 4-D elements. We don’t expect this new attraction to take too long to complete like Tron.

Shrek 4-D to replace Mickey's Philharmagic Attraction at Disney World Magic Kingdom
Shrek 4-D to replace Mickey’s Philharmagic Concept Art

This comes as a surprise to us as Disney just recently added the Coco scene to PhilharMagic. We are certainly sad to see PhilharMagic close at the Magic Kingdom. That is a classic attraction and a must do. It is a great way to beat the heat and experience an entertaining show. We are excited however for Shrek 4-D to have a home once again. We expect there to be previews for the attraction for Disney Annual Pass holders as well as Disney Cast Members. We also hope there will be a Disney photopass experience where you can meet and greet Shrek and Donkey at the Magic Kingdom as part of this addition.

The good news is if you want to experience PhilharMagic, it is still an attraction at Disneyland. What do you think of Disney’s announcement that Shrek 4-D will be a new attraction at Disney World?

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