Single Riders: Disney Launching a New Dating App

Have a date at Disney with your new match made on Single Riders dating app

Since the inception of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, finding a potential match has become harder than ever. Now, imagine combining the excitement of finding love with the thrill of Disney World rides. Disney is taking the plunge into the dating world with its newest creation, “Single Riders”. This unique dating app is designed to match Disney enthusiasts looking for love while experiencing the magic of the parks.

Disney getting into the dating app game with new "Single Riders" Disney dating app
Disney getting into the dating app game with the new “Single Riders” Disney dating app

Much like its dating app counterparts, “Single Riders” aims to make meaningful connections but with a Disney twist. The concept is ingeniously inspired by Disney World’s “single rider” lines. These are designated lines for solo park-goers to join rides when there are vacant seats. The name itself is a perfect nod to this feature. The app’s goal is to pair people together, so they can ditch the single rider lines and embark on thrilling rides side by side. If you struggle to find love because you like Disney too much, this app is for you.

Disney’s Single Riders Dating App

The magic begins as soon as you step foot inside a Disney World park and the app springs to life. Using GPS technology, “Single Riders” only works when you’re inside a Disney World park. This ensures that your potential matches are just a sprinkle of pixie dust away. So, whether you’re waiting for Space Mountain or enjoying a Dole Whip, you can swipe left or right, to find your Disney-loving soulmate.

New Disney dating app named after Single Rider lines
New Disney dating app named after Single Rider lines. Photo via

Disney enthusiasts are no strangers to finding a sense of community among like-minded fans. “Single Riders” takes this sense of camaraderie to new heights. It helps create connections beyond a mutual love for Disney. Instead of searching for a partner to “take you to infinity and beyond,” you’ll be matching with someone who can “go to infinity and beyond” on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin with you! The app’s clever design allows users to tailor their profiles. You can add your favorite Disney characters, park memories, ride preferences, and more. 

“Single Riders” helps find matches who share your passion for a particular attraction or can’t resist a Mickey-shaped treat. For example, you may match with someone who shares your love for Dumbo the Flying Elephant. This makes the experience of flying high above Fantasyland more magical when shared with a newfound Disney date. With the possibility of meeting a fellow “Single Rider” right around the corner, the excitement and anticipation escalate as you explore Disney World. Will your Cinderella or Prince Charming be waiting for you at Haunted Mansion? Perhaps you’ll find your “Hakuna Matata” companion at The Lion King show.

Meeting Your Match Inside Disney World

Once you’ve found your Disney match, the app encourages users to meet up and go on an adventure together. Whether it’s soaring through the galaxy on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance or braving the haunted halls of the Haunted Mansion, the app’s real magic lies in creating unforgettable memories with someone special. However, “Single Riders” isn’t just about finding romantic connections. The app also caters to those seeking friendships. For those flying solo, “Single Riders” can connect you with Disney enthusiasts who are ready to laugh, share experiences, and make the most out of their Disney vacation.

Have a date at Disney with your new match made on Single Riders dating app
Have a date at Disney with your new match made on Single Riders dating app. Photo via Disney

Of course, no Disney adventure is complete without a sprinkle of enchantment, and “Single Riders” delivers personalized badges that users can send to their matches as a digital souvenir of their magical meeting. Each badge showcases a different Disney character, providing a heartwarming memento of the day they found their “happily ever after” – even if it’s just for a ride or two.

With “Single Riders,” Disney World is now a whimsical space where love, friendship, and a shared passion for Disney can flourish. As the sun sets over Cinderella Castle, and fireworks illuminate the sky, there’s a sense of wonder in the air. Not just from the attractions but from the chance encounters that might just lead to a fairy tale romance. So, the next time you find yourself in the most magical place on earth, don’t forget to open the “Single Riders” app and let the Disney love story begin!

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I’d actually use this app if it was created😂