Splash Mountain Retheme Canceled for Disney World

Splash Mountain Retheme is cancelled

Splash Mountain opened in 1992 at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It quickly became a family favorite attraction and one of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom and Disney World in general. From the fun theme to the amazing music like Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, it’s the perfect attraction for all ages. Splash Mountain is arguably the best attraction at Disney World. However the world was stunned when in June of 2020, Disney announced they would be retheming Splash Mountain from Song of The South to an attraction based on The Princess and The Frog.

This announcement came as a surprise and disappointment to many Disney fans. Hundreds of millions of guests have ridden Splash Mountain since it opened and they know the joy it brings from going down Chickapin Hill into the Briar Patch, all followed by Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah being played on a harmonica. It’s a joyful experience that brings a smile to everyone’s face who rides the attraction. So it was no surprise Disney fans were upset when they announced the attraction would be closed and rethemed.

Splash Mountain Retheme Canceled at disney world
Splash Mountain Retheme Canceled. Photo via mickeyblog.com

Disney decided to retheme Splash Mountain because Song of The South is one of their more controversial films. They chose The Princess and the Frog as they felt the story would work with Splash Mountain track and layout and was less controversial. Disney fans erupted in anger online when Disney made this announcement. Some Disney fans even started a petition on Change.org which has almost 100,000 signatures to keep Splash Mountain as is and to #savesplashmountain.

When Disney initially shared details on the retheme, they only had concept art with no name and very few details. This made fans skeptical that the project was actually going to happen. It felt like Disney pulled something out of thin air. Then in July of 2022, just over two years later, Disney doubled down and announced actual details on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the name of the new attraction. This was the moment everyone thought it was over and the retheme would happen for sure. However, Splash Mountain fans continued to stand up against Disney and call them out on social media. A month and a half later, Disney changed their position and canceled the retheme of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to keep Splash Mountain as is.

In a statement, Disney said “We thought retheming Splash Mountain would be universally applauded by Disney fans, but we were wrong. We saw how much Disney fans love the current attraction and we have decided to keep it as is.” They added, “We will be looking for future opportunities to give Princess Tiana her own attraction at Disney World.” This is very exciting news for Splash Mountain fans that Disney is not going to ruin their favorite attraction. What is interesting is that Disney neglected to mention anything about Disneyland in this statement. It is possible Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will live on at Disneyland just not Disney World.

Splash mountain retheme is canceled at disney world
Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Retheme is Canceled

It makes us wonder where Tiana might see an attraction at Disney World. The most logical place for a Tiana attraction is where Tom Sawyer Island currently exists. This area would fit with the theme of The Princess and The Frog and there is a ton of usable land for a new Disney attraction. We will update you with more information on a future Tiana attraction.

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Kim Wicklund
Kim Wicklund
1 year ago

Sad that it is okay to deliver inflammatory, complete and totally made up sensationalized false statements. This should be unlawful, I believe it is. Just because it is in writing DOES NOT MEAN IN ANY WAY IT IS A FACTTUAL story. It is ..Just a Sensationalized story. Sad state of writing, reporting, UNTRUTH AND BLATANT LIES. CAN THE REAL NEWS STORY PLEASE STAND UP!