Stroller Free Sundays Coming to Disney World

Stroller ban coming to Disney World on select Sundays in 2023

We all know how much of a pain strollers can be at Disney World. Whether it is dodging them during rope drop, getting run into by one as you stroll down Main Street, or navigating through Fantasyland, which has the highest stroller density in the world. They certainly add to the congestion at Walt Disney World.

As a way to alleviate this issue, Disney World will be starting Stroller Free Sundays in 2023. On select Sundays throughout the year, Disney will ban strollers from being used inside the parks. Guests will not be able to bring in or rent strollers at any of the Disney parks on these days. This however, does not include electric scooters, which we find odd. Scooters are just as bad as strollers at Disney and are far more dangerous.

Disney banning strollers in 2023 on select Sundays
Stollers will not be allowed in Disney World on select Sundays

This is certainly a controversial move by Disney. On one hand, guests without strollers love this. It is one less thing they have to deal with at the parks. On the other hand, guests who need strollers are not happy. One guest went as far as to say “How is Disney World supposed to be a family place when you can’t even bring your kids on a Sunday. I guess we will be abandoning Disney and going to Universal Studios.”

Stroller Free Sundays are coming to Disney World in 2023
Calendar view of Stroller Free Sundays at Disney World

We think this is going to be a short lived initiative for Disney World. The amount of unhappy consumers is not going to outweigh the benefit to those who are pro stroller free days. We are curious what you think. Do you like Stroller Free Sundays at Disney?

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