Surf’s Up at EPCOT: World Showcase Lagoon’s New Adventure

New surfing experience coming to EPCOT World Showcase

World Showcase Lagoon has been the home to many different things recently. It’s the former home to the giant Illuminations: Reflections of Earth globe. After that, it became home to the ugly Harmonious Barges, which Disney recently burned down. Soon World Showcase Lagoon will be the home to a brand new surfing experience.

New surfing experience coming to EPCOT World Showcase
New surfing experience coming to EPCOT World Showcase

EPCOT is a huge park, primarily driven by the size of World Showcase Lagoon. This famous lagoon takes up a lot of the land inside of EPCOT. In fact, the lagoon is 40 acres, while EPCOT as a whole is 300 acres. That means the lagoon takes up about 1/7 of the entire EPCOT park. That is a significant amount of land that is essentially unusable. 

Disney has a brand new way to use the land taken up by the massive lagoon. They are adding a new surfing experience for guests. It will be available before the park opens and even while the park is open. This is a really unique experience for any guest who enjoys surfing and wants to try it inside EPCOT. 

Prior to adding a surfing experience, Disney has only found a few ways to use World Showcase Lagoon. First, they run Friendship Boats inside the lagoon to transport guests around the World Showcase. After all, the walk around World Showcase is 1.2 miles long! Disney also offers Specialty Cruises where you can rent a boat and watch the EPCOT fireworks inside the lagoon. They also use it as a home for the fireworks barges as mentioned earlier. However, a lot of World Showcase lagoon is still unused, so surfing seems like such a great experience for Disney to add.

Disney World fireworks cruise world showcase surfing experience
One of few World Showcase Lagoon experiences. Photo via

World Showcase’s surfing experience will be much like surfing in the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool. Disney will be installing wavemakers into the World Showcase Lagoon over the next few months. These will be able to create waves up to 10 feet tall. However, Disney will have the ability to modify the height of the waves based on the experience of the surfers in the lagoon.

Here is the official description for this new Disney surfing experience, “Ride the wild surf in a private session or catch the stoke with a lesson, right in our safe, state-of-the-art lagoon.” Disney mentions lessons in this description. They will offer surfing lessons for this new experience inside of EPCOT as well as open surf for those with experience.

World Showcase Lagoon surfing will be a lot like typhoon lagoon surfing
EPCOT surfing will be like Typhoon Lagoon surfing. Photo via

It will cost $200 per person to surf in World Showcase Lagoon. This cost includes surfboard rental but does not count as admission to the park. If you want to spend your day at EPCOT after surfing, you will need a separate park ticket. The $200 is good for up to 3 hours of surfing. Once your 3 hours are up, you can pay another $200 to keep surfing if you so choose. This is not a bad price to surf inside Disney World.

What do you think of surfing inside of EPCOT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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