The Purge Movie Being Filmed at Walt Disney World

The Purge Movie Filming at Disney World

The Purge movie franchise focuses on a dystopian future where on one day a year, all crime, including murder, becomes decriminalized for a 12-hour period. There have been 5 Purge movies since the first one came out in 2013. In June 2021, the producer Jason Blum stated that he plans on making another Purge movie that would “flip this thing upside down and we can continue…in a way that people can enjoy.” We just learned there will be a new Purge film and it will take place at Walt Disney World.

Just yesterday film crews were seen filming inside of the Magic Kingdom. It turns out they were filming scenes for the new, yet to be named sixth Purge film. The crew was spotted around the park all day, with most of the filming being done at night. This makes sense as may of the scenes in The Purge movies are shot at night when it is dark.

sixth purge movie being filmed at disney world
The Purge film crews spotted at Magic Kingdom. Photo via

We reached out to one of our contacts who has insider information on this movie to get some insight on the plot. This is exclusive info on According to our source, the sixth Purge movie centers around a family that is on vacation when out of nowhere, a purge is announced by the government. The family is in the middle of spending a day at Walt Disney World when the purge is announced.

The family will have to fight for their life without any weapons or protection. They need to make weapons using items from the Disney attractions and find shelter to hide and protect themselves to survive. It will be a suspenseful film keeping viewers on the edge of their seat.

6th purge movie taking place at disney world
Sixth Purge movie taking place at Disney World. Photo via Michael Feeney

According to our source, the new Purge movie will star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as one of the villains. Tom Hanks will be play the dad of the family and the mom will be played by Zendaya. This is going to be quite a star studded cast based on the few actors we know about thus far.

They will be filming scenes at the Magic Kingdom and potentially other Disney parks over the next few months. It makes sense they are filming The Purge movie at Disney now because all of the Halloween decorations are up, which fits with the vibe of the movie.

Disney is filming The Purge on property
The Purge movie filming at Disney World. Photo via Michael Feeney

We do not have an expected release date, however, it will likely come out in September or October of 2023, around Halloween. With it being a horror movie and the filming happening around Halloween decorations in the parks, it only makes sense to be released around Halloween next year.

It’s interesting that a Purge movie is being filmed at Disney World since Universal Pictures is the company who has released The Purge movies in the past. It’s possible Disney has purchased the rights to the sixth Purge movie and will be producing and releasing it. It may also be that Universal wants a destructive movie like The Purge to take place at their biggest competitor’s theme park versus their own. But would Disney really allow that to happen? This makes us think Disney will be releasing the sixth Purge movie. That or Universal was paying them so much money to film there that they couldn’t say no.

What do you think of a Purge movie being filmed at Disney World? Are you excited for the movie or is this going too far? Do you want to see a dystopian movie filmed at Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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